DIY Ginger Detox Bath

A hot bath is a necessity for relaxing tense muscles and opening congested pores. Adding ginger to your bath will enhance these qualities. Everything from back pain, to menstrual cramps and joint stiffness will respond to ginger baths. Research at the University of Sydney has found it may also reduce pain and inflammation with the help of compounds called gingerols — which have a similar structure to capsaicin, a known pain reliever.

Who needs a spa when you can have a detoxifying bath with a few inexpensive ingredients.

I recommend soaking in this bath for 15 – 20 minutes. Please remember that the ginger bath will make you sweat profusely for at least an hour afterwards, so wear a bathrobe or towel. I am not a doctor. If you’re concerned about how this will affect you, please check with your doctor before trying.