Cures For The Dreaded Bad Hair Day

There are some days when it feels as though not enough dry shampoo or pony tails in the world will cure fussy hair. Fear not, fellow style mavens, you can in fact have a bad hair day and still look effortlessly chic. Here are the best ways to cover that unruly head of hair.

Turban. Some people hear the word “turban” and envision something from an Aladdin costume. These are actually quite stylish and comfortable, however, if worn the right way. Add a bright hue of lipstick for a more polished look.



Style Caster

Head scarf. Similar to a turban, but can be tied in a variety of ways, a headscarf is great for frustrating hair days AND for keeping your hair from tangling in the wind. What’s more, head scarves allow you to show off a cute braid while hiding stubborn bangs or oily roots.




Urban Outfitters

A Floppy Hat. Add a great pair of sunnies and you’ll be setting trends, instead of worrying about your greasy hair. Sure, they’re great for the beach, but this year’s floppy hat styles look equally stylish with everyday outfits.



Fedora. The easiest way to look casual but fashionable is with this year’s wide brim fedora. Black or beige fedoras are dependably stylish, but don’t be afraid to also try something in burgundy, navy blue, or olive green.


Urban Outfitters

Visor. Visors have been slowly making a comeback over the last few summers and can be easier to incorporate into a cute outfit than you’d think. The added benefit is that they shield your face from the sun!



Baseball cap. Good old fashioned caps have been worn with a casual outfits for decades, but lately they add an extra edge to feminine outfits. Try a chambray or floral baseball cap with a spring dress.





So the next time you find yourself panicking over your hair, grab that hat and turn your bad hair day into a fashionable one instead.

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