Offline Moments

Maybe it’s because we live in a culture of live tweets, status updates, and perfectly tuned selfies. Maybe it’s because of the professions I’ve found myself in — blogger and social media manager. Whatever the reason(s),  I have this constant pull to be “on”. Constantly ready for an outfit Instagram. Constantly thinking of the next blog post or video idea. “Should I put makeup on today? I don’t want to, but I don’t have any zits today so it could be a good selfie day,” etcetera, etcetera.

I know this probably sounds ridiculous and I’m certainly not complaining. But this constant need to be on makes me more thankful for the moments when I’m off.

Moments spent playing with Bartlett.

Moments planning the future with my husband.

Moments that become hours talking to my family that live far away.

Moments sipping a fruity Cabernet and reading a book.

Moments sharing intimate conversation with good friends.

Moments baking brownies on a Friday night just because.

Moments just being. Not updating or posting.




I find myself having to plan these moments more and more. But the busier I become the more important these moments are to me. Not just for my mental health but in order to become a better human being. A person who is connected and active in the physical world around me, not just the online one.