5 Tricks for Healthy Skin

Keeping my skin healthy from my face to my feet seems like a twenty-four hour job sometimes. I’m lucky to live in a city where temperatures are moderate, but that doesn’t mean that my skin doesn’t get worn by the elements. Here are five must-haves I use to keep my skin feeling fresh and supple regardless of the season.

Organic Rosehip Oil: After washing my face at night, I generally apply toner, which in my case is simply witch hazel. But what keeps my face bright and moisturized is a small dime-size portion of rosehip oil that I spread over my face and décolletage.

Good ol’ H2O: You can always find me toting a bottle of water or a reusable cup everywhere I go. Even if I’m going to a friend’s house or a restaurant, I usually have a full one ready in the car just in case I didn’t drink enough wherever I was.

Multivitamin: After breakfast, it’s my routine to take a multivitamin to make sure my body and my skin have everything they need in the way of nutrients.


Organic Shea Butter: A big tub of this sits right outside my shower, ready for me to slather on. Shea butter provides a thick cream that is absorbed into my skin overnight and creates wonderfully soft and supple skin when I wake up. Extra goes on the bottoms of my feet, followed by a clean pair of socks.

30 spf Sunscreen: Being fair-skinned, I’m apt to burn easily, but everyone should want to prevent skin cancer and promote skin health instead of becoming a leathery statue. I always make sure my face, chest, ears, hands, and tops of my feet (if I’m wearing sandals that day) get a coat, as these are typically the exposed body parts.