New York In Spring

It’s a cliche, but I love NYC. The energy, the style, the people. My trip to the Big Apple this past week was a burst of exciting energy and a welcomed change of pace from the laid back San Diego scene.

My husband and I were in the city for a couple work engagements, but we were able to enjoy several moments of additional fun that I will not soon forget!

Night 1

We arrived on Wednesday evening and had a couple hours to get to our hotel, grab a bite to eat, then head to the theater. I could not visit New York without seeing a show. I am a proud, card carrying member of the theater geek club.


This trip, we saw Something Rotten! It’s a new musical that tells the story of Nick and Nigel Bottom who are desperate to write a hit play, but are stuck in the shadow of that Renaissance rockstar known as “The Bard.” When a local soothsayer foretells that the future of theater will involve singing, dancing and acting at the same time, Nick and Nigel set out to write the world’s very first musical. I haven’t had that much fun watching a show in a long time! It was fast paced, hilarious, filled with tap numbers and glorious musical theater history tidbits. If you have the chance to see this show — do it!


After the show we headed to Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel for a cocktail. This bar is named in honor of Ludwig Bemelmans, the creator of the Madeline children’s books. Murals of his art adorn every wall and lamp shade.

The bar has an Art Deco vibe with chocolate brown leather banquettes, nickel-trimmed black glass tabletops, a dramatic black granite bar and a 24-karat gold leaf covered ceiling. When we arrived, a jazz trio was deep into their second set and we settled into a booth. I sipped a fruity house cocktail while Matt enjoyed a classic Old Fashioned. I kept waiting for the Kennedys to show up!


Day 2

Our second day started out at Viand, a classic New York diner.


We enjoyed stacks of fluffy pancakes and diner coffee while we casually people-watched.


After breakfast, we took a stroll through Central Park. It was a warm day in the city and we took our time taking in the smells and sounds at this classic landmark.


That night we attended a gala at the Pierre Hotel for the Becket Fund For Religious Liberty. This was one of our work engagements, but was an incredibly fun and exciting evening spent meeting smart and engaging people who are doing meaningful work.


Day 3

We had a few client meetings in the early afternoon that were productive and exciting. The lengthy walk up Madison Avenue that followed included a quick stop at Bryant Park.


Then it was dinner time! I think the concierge at our hotel was an angel sent from heaven. I had been wanting to eat at the Restaurant Daniel for years and knew it could be quite difficult to get a table — but she did it! Daniel is the restaurant of renowned chef Daniel Boulud.


All I can say about that meal is, wow! We had four courses with wine pairings that will go down in history as the greatest meal I have eaten to date. I had white asparagus from Provence, sweet breads with gnocchi and a pairing of beef that included short ribs I ate with a spoon! The service was impeccable and our kind waiters were knowledgeable and explained each course with ease and excitement. As I sipped my glass of dessert wine at the end of the meal, I took a moment to soak in this once in a lifetime experience I was blessed to share with my sweet husband.


Day 4

Our final morning in NYC. We began with a walk to Momofuku Milk Bar (sister bakery to Chef David Chang’s restaurant, Momofuku). Milk Bar was founded by Christina Tosi and offers a playful approach to classic desserts including cereal milk ice cream, compost cookies, and crack pie.


We enjoyed some breakfast bombs, then grabbed a couple cookies and a t-shirt for the road.



Before we left, we discovered a little rare bookstore. We stopped in and found incredible books, prints and treasures dating back to the 1700s! We found unique Mother’s Day gifts and can’t wait for them to arrive!


We walked back to our hotel, loaded our bags into an Uber, and headed for the airport. I don’t know when we will be back in NYC but this trip was definitely one we’ll be talking about for years to come!