Creative and Affordable Ways to Display Your Makeup

No one wants to spend 10 minutes hunting through drawers each morning to find what’s needed to start the day. But organizers can cost upwards of 30 bucks, especially for makeup connoisseurs. Thankfully, here are plenty of affordable solutions for storing your makeup and spicing up your vanity — and many of them are already sitting around your house or apartment!

Cake Stand


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Organize essential items on a cake stand as a beautiful way to cut stress out of your morning. This stand fits just enough items to get you clean, fragrant, prettied up, and out the door. No digging required! Just leave that sparkly special occasion eyeshadow in the drawer so nothing gets in your way.

Painted Mason Jars

mason jar 800.jpg

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brush holder 3.jpg

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Repurposed mason jars can have just about a million uses in the home, and makeup storage is no exception. Paint them, label them, or attach them to a wooden fixture on the wall as a functional decoration. You can also fill glass jars or vases with small rocks, uncooked rice or coffee beans to keep your applicators and pencils spaced out and visible. If you already have dozens of mason jars in use around the house and want something different, repurpose used candle jars — the labels and lingering scents only add to the charm.

Magnetic Board


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The magnetic makeup board is for those who have not a minute to waste and no room to spare! Take decorative storage to the next level with this DIY solution. If you share a bathroom with roommates or a significant other, they will thank you for saving precious counter and cabinet space — and maybe even for adding a little extra flair to the room.



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A food platter is a great alternative to the cake stand. The greatest advantage is the fact that it can go anywhere you go in your apartment or house. If the bathroom’s crowded or your vanity lighting is bad, just carry it into another room! If you don’t have platters lying around or if you use them frequently for, you know, food, then you can probably find a cute one suited to the job at your nearest dollar store.

Coffee Mugs


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Get ready to raid your kitchen cabinets yet again! If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, there are sure to be a few charming mugs that don’t get much use tucked near the back. These provide great ways to store applicators, pencils, tweezers, and mascara.

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