Donut & Whiskey Weekend

A few weeks ago, I saw Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere share a post about a donut and whiskey movie night. I’m a donut person, Matt is a whiskey person — this sounded like our kind of thing!

This weekend, we decided to give it a go.

We wanted to pick up our donuts from a local place — we decided on VG Donut and Bakery in Cardiff. Because it’s only a few minutes from Bartlett’s favorite dog beach, we started our morning by the sea. Bart loved barking at the waves and chasing any dog that was at least twice his size. The dog beach in Del Mar is amazing. It’s clean, parking usually isn’t too bad if you come in the morning, and everyone (and their dogs) are friendly!

unnamed (4).jpg

We had never been to VG Donuts but as we pulled up and saw the line wrapped around outside the door, we figured we’d chosen well.

unnamed (3).jpg

We brought our loot home and did our usual Saturday morning home clean and grocery shop. I wanted to display the donuts on a cake stand but didn’t have one. I swung by Goodwill and was able to pick up a simple glass stand for $5 — love a good thrift store find!

unnamed (1).jpg

Matt was in charge of the scotch. He put together a great selection with varying flavor profiles including Oban 14, Glenfarclas, and a Glenlivet 12. We sliced the donuts so that everyone could grab a bit of each flavor as they sipped their whiskey. My favorite combination was a classic glazed donut and a bit of Glenlivet 12 on ice. The super sweet donuts were perfect with the smoky scotch — I highly recommend this combo for your next movie night!


The whiskey decanter is from T.J.Maxx. Here’s a similar one. The coasters and apricot and basil candle are from Anthropologie.

unnamed (5).jpg

Our movie for the evening was The Blues Brothers. A great film that is perfect to watch with friends. Matt had never seen it so it was fun to see his reaction to this hilarious cult classic flick.

Bartlett also had a great time, snuggling with our friends’ sweet baby during the movie.

unnamed (2).jpg

I’d say the donut and whiskey night was a success. I can’t wait to do it again! I hope you all had a great weekend. Here’s to good friends, delicious treats, and The Blues Brothers!