What I Eat In A Day

It’s safe to say I’m pretty nosy. At least when it comes to reading blogs and watching YouTube videos. I love knowing what products other women use, how they design their homes, their closet organization techniques — you get it.

In the spirit of sharing the everyday things, here is what I eat in a day (this particular day, anyway).



I like to keep things light in the morning. Unless it’s the weekend — then bring on the eggs, bacon, pancakes, and French toast! This particular morning I had a few spoonfuls of the honey vanilla Greek yogurt from The Greek Gods. This stuff is good. Almost too good. I topped it with a handful of toffee almond granola from Sprouts and some fresh raspberries. Honestly, it tasted like a decadent dessert — and I’m certainly not complaining about that!


Here’s a link to some similar stemless wine glasses. 


This day was a work from home day. Which means lunch is whatever I’ve got in the refrigerator. Enter, the breakfast taco.


I warmed a corn tortilla on the stove while I scrambled some eggs and seasoned them with salt, pepper, and chili powder. I cooked some bacon and topped this tasty taco with a bit of cheese, avocado and smoky salsa — delicious!


Every Thursday, a fleet of food trucks descend on the Von’s shopping center a couple blocks from our apartment. It’s become a weekly tradition to indulge in the tasty treats that these roving restaurants cook up.


This week, we went with the Currywurst truck. That means bratwurst and garlic fries. Hey, I’m all about eating healthy but a girl’s gotta treat herself every now and then!


An old picture — one of our first times at the food trucks!