San Diego Eats: Carnitas Snack Shack

San Diego has an amazing restaurant scene. And I love to eat! I thought it would be fun to start a series documenting some of my favorite restaurants in the area. First up: The Carnitas Snack Shack in North Park. Matt’s aunt and uncle were in town and we thought this would be a great casual, local place they would love.


Matt actually ate here first and told me we had to go there together. Walking up to the restaurant the first time I was really confused as it didn’t look like there was anywhere to sit down. But after ordering at the window, we took our drinks to a lovely outdoor courtyard in the back. There’s a great selection of beer and wine to enjoy while waiting for the eats.


The Carnitas Snack Shack is known for their tortas, but I couldn’t resist a burger and fries!


The sauce they serve with their fries is sort of a sriracha and ketchup hybrid. Delicious!


The burger was massive, juicy, and oh-so-tasty.


It was a little damp the day we went but the outdoor environment was still relaxing and enjoyable.


We couldn’t go to North Park without stopping for a cocktail at one of our all time favorites: Seven Grand. Matt ordered an Old Fashioned and I enjoyed a Mint Julep. All in all, a lovely evening in North Park!