Dinner With Sun Basket & GIVEAWAY!

Cooking during the week can be a challenge. After a long day of work it can be really tempting to just pick up food or order something in. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking! But meal planning and cooking can sometimes take a back burner after a busy day.

Recently, I discovered a service called Sun Basket. How it works is, you go on their site and select the meals you love including paleo, gluten free, and vegetarian options. Then all of the ingredients and recipes are delivered right to your door!

Whats In Your SunBasket DiptychWEB.jpg

I love it because I still get to cook but don’t have to worry about what exactly will be on the menu or whether I have all the ingredients I need for a quick and healthy dinner.

Sun Basket sent me three meals that I thought I would share with you all! (AND there’s a giveaway at the end!)




Matt has been eating a paleo diet recently so these were the paleo options Sun Basket offered for this particular week.



The recipes were simple and so easy to follow! I was also really impressed by how fresh all of the ingredients were.


I think this meal, the steak chimichurri and swiss chard, was my favorite of the three!



Sun Basket was kind enough to extend a giveaway to my bougie readers! Just submit your email and you’ll be entered to win three meals for two people — worth $60!

Click HERE to enter the giveaway!

  • Sun Basket is currently shipping only to: California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Nevada.

  • This giveaway will be open from 6/18 – 6/25