San Diego Eats: Monello

The Little Italy area of San Diego is absolutely adorable. Matt and I love heading down there for date nights. There’s something about it that makes us feel like we are on a little European vacation.

One of our favorite restaurants in this part of town in Monello. They have a sister restaurant next door called Bencotto which is just as good. (A post on that coming soon!)


The restaurants are owned by a husband and wife who are originally from Northern Italy.


Monello offers the flavors of Milan with light plates ranging from pastas to veggies and pizzas.


We stopped in for lunch the other day and enjoyed seared chicken with farro, salads, and a big bowl of three cheese pasta. Everything on the menu is fresh and so delicious — you’ll love it all!


Little Italy is five minutes from the San Diego airport so if you’re in the area, there’s no excuse to miss this place! You won’t be disappointed.