My Favorite Food & Cooking Documentaries

One of my favorite leisure activities is watching documentaries. Whether I sit down to focus and enjoy a subject I’ve been fascinated by or just casually have one on while I fold laundry or snuggle Bart, if I am watching something, it’s usually a documentary.

Today I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite documentaries on one of my favorite subjects: food and cooking! I watched all of these on Netflix.


  1. Somm – I tell people about this documentary all the time! The doc follows four men as they study for the prestigious (and almost impossible to pass) Master Sommelier exam. Even if you don’t like wine, this film is absolutely fascinating.

  1. Food Matters – This is one of the first food documentaries I watched on Netflix. This film takes a rather jarring look at whether the food we eat helps or hurts our health, and ways we can improve our general nutrition.

  1. Chef’s Table  – This is a new original series from Netflix and is absolutely breathtaking. Each episode follows a different world renowned chef, their story, their restaurants and what inspires them. To me, food is an artform and to see how these artists operate and get inspired is magical.

  1. Anthony Bourdain’s: Parts Unknown – I don’t think I could make a list of food anything without including something of Mr. Bourdain’s. While he has many shows, this is one of my favorites. Bourdain travels around the world sampling each region’s cuisines and cultures — it’s like a little vacation in every episode!

  2. TEDTalks: Chew On This – This is a series of TEDTalks drawing from all areas of food and cooking. This is a great series to watch while folding laundry!