I Have An Announcement

We are moving! Matt got accepted into a master’s program at Georgetown University! He’ll be studying Public Relations and Corporate Communications. We will be moving from San Diego to Washington, D.C. at the end of August! I’m so proud of Matt and excited for a cross country move, new surroundings, and being closer to our families.

I am sad to leave our friends and the endless supply of sunny days here in SoCal. But I know we will stay in touch and San Diego will be one of our new favorite places to visit. Maybe it’s because Matt and I have moved around a lot or we are more adventurous than I thought, but I’m not nervous at all! Sure there are going to be headaches and stress — we are moving across the country! But I’m so excited for the new opportunities for him and the company we work for that have already begun to bubble up because of this change.

The program Matt is in is designed for working professionals so none of the classes even begin until after 5PM. This means we will both be working from home during the day. The beauty of working in digital marketing and social media management — all you need is a laptop and an internet connection!

I made a little announcement on the BBB YouTube channel as well:

I can’t wait to start blogging from this new city! I already have a running list of restaurants I want to try and then document for you guys. Not to mention all of the museums and the White House — which now allows photos during tours. #muchexcite

I will still be posting blog content every weekday. As I mentioned in my video, my upload schedule is going to change a little bit. Since I won’t have my amazing team to help me shoot and edit videos, I’m only going to promise one video a week until we get settled. I was thinking I could upload on Saturday mornings. What do you think?

Thank you guys so much for sticking with me and BBB! I’m so ready for this new chapter and new stories to share with you all.