What To Do When You’re Locked Out Of Your Apartment

I should probably clarify things a bit. For the past four days, a realtor has been doing showings of the home we are now living in. Since we won’t be renewing our lease, our landlords have decided to sell the place.

Because we have had to be out of the house for several hours with Bart, we’ve had to get a little creative. We planned to go to the park on Saturday but, of course, it was the one day in San Diego history with torrential rain. So, we ran through the monsoon to Target, where we snuck Bart in and walked around the store picking out things for our new apartment. The children of Target thought a dog in a cart was the greatest thing! Bart really enjoyed the dog food aisle.

Sunday we were able to go the beach…for twenty minutes, before the rain struck again! We went through a drive through and chilled in the car until we could return home.


Monday’s dinner plans were changed due to a couple surprise showings, so we improvised. We picked up dinner at one of our favorite spots near work called Brother’s Provisions. They have an incredible comfort food-inspired menu with delicious soups, sandwiches, and tasty bakery items. I went for a classic tomato bisque and three cheese grilled cheese. Matt got a beef Wellington sandwich that didn’t disappoint. And I couldn’t pass up one of their chocolate brownies!



We brought dinner back to Matt’s office and enjoyed dinner and a show! We are currently into VEEP at the moment. Pretty colorful language but wildly funny.


Bart was pretty pleased with a treat or two and kept a vigil watch by the door.


While our outings turned out to be quite nice, the experience really made me realize that we are moving in a month! Things are about to get crazy. I can’t wait!