Sorting and Simplifying

The packing has begun. Sort of. One of the best things my mom taught me about moving is that before you put anything in a box, go through each room in your house, declutter and organize. This will save you space, time, and money!


Going through each room and drawer, you can really see what you have and what you don’t need to take with you when you move. And when it comes to moving, less stuff means less money spent to move it. Plus, we are downsizing this move so we want as little clutter as possible. Also, I like that things are already organized when I start packing and I’m not throwing a cluttered mess in a box only to have to deal with it later.


Luckily, I’ve always liked to declutter and organize so the process so far has been fun! One of the main things I’ve cut down majorly on is my closet. Partly because I know I need to save room for things I haven’t needed here like winter jackets and thick sweaters, but also because the style and pace of D.C. is very different from San Diego. I want to leave room in my closet for new pieces that fit our new location.


As I went through I made three piles: Keep, Donate, and If There’s Room. It’s amazing how many pieces I haven’t worn in months. I’ve already made three trips to Goodwill and I know there will be many more!

Here’s to new places and less stuff!