Things I’ll Miss: Walk To The Park

Every night after dinner, Matt and I take Bart on a nice long walk up to the park near our house. No stress. No work stuff. Just a nice relaxing walk together. It’s honestly one of my favorite parts of our day.


We live in a very suburban area so there’s usually little league practice, a kids’ summer camp, or just a bunch of dogs for Bart to run around and play with. It’s lovely. And I’ll miss it.



That’s our church! ^^

Of course we will be going on countless walks in our new neighborhood but the vibe will be very different. We will find a new park to go to and new dog friends for Bart. But for the next few weeks I think we will take our time on these walks and really soak in suburbia while we can.


Bart’s favorite part is eating grass. ^^

Do you have a favorite walk spot?