What This Move Has Taught Me

In short. We have too much stuff. When we moved into this place three years ago we couldn’t imagine filling it up. But oh, did we. For the past week or so, no drawer has been left for a last minute chuck into a box. Each cupboard and cabinet has been cleaned, sorted, and most of the contents given to charity or friends. And it feels so good!


It’s amazing how few things we actually need on a day to day basis, and how many things just needlessly fill space. This move will be a pretty big downsize, and I’m actually really excited about it. Our new apartment is practically a studio and we will be working from home for awhile — no clutter or this lady will go crazy!


I’m not too worried about it though. Matt and I have been married almost four years now, and I think that now we really know the pieces and appliances we actually use and need. I have a feeling there won’t be as many impulse purchases at Crate & Barrel or Sur La Table for us. And that’s good. As a blogger it’s easy to think, “I need that pie pan for a blog post,” or, “This gigantic sun hat would look great in an outfit post,” but things like that usually end up getting one use and then take up space in a closet. You all as my witnesses, with this move I’m shooting for quality, not quantity. Hold me to it, Bougie people!

Okay, back to packing. Ten days to go!