A House Cooling Party

We have been settling in to our new home here in DC! As boxes get unpacked, I’m really glad that we took the time to strategically get rid of certain pieces and really plan how we wanted to make this move. Today I’m sharing one of the ways we were able to part with a lot of items.

I’d been spending a ton of time on the Gather Now Tumblr page and was inspired to create a party for our San Diego friends before we left. So, a week before our departure, Matt and I decided to throw a house cooling party. Think housewarming party, but instead of guests bringing something for us, we got to give something to them! It was a great way to give away items we don’t have room for and a great excuse to gather together. It was also a record setting hot day so we decided to keep the cool theme going with refreshing treats!


I made spa water popsicles and giant square ice cubes. Here’s what I did:

In a popsicle mold or large ice cube tray combine:

• Diced cucumber

• A squeeze of fresh lemon juice

• Top with filtered water

Matt and I have been loving our Brita filtered water pitcher. The water in San Diego is far from great, and this turns tap water into the most delicious glass of water ever. It’s one of the only kitchen tools we decided was worth shipping! We also had a few cookies out, a yummy Key lime pie, and almond champagne with frozen raspberries.






During the party I had to take a step back and soak it in. This was one of the last parties Matt and I would have with this group of friends — at least for a while. Getting together with friends and hosting get togethers is one of my favorite things to do! I’ll miss doing that with these people and I’m so grateful we took this time to get together with them and give each of them a little piece of our San Diego home. It’s amazing to think that sometimes leaving can bring people together!

Thank you to Clorox and Brita for working with me on this post. For more ideas and excuses to gather together, check out the Gather Now Tumblr page!