Our First Weekend In DC

After this weekend, while we still don’t have living room furniture, we are really starting to feel like we live here and aren’t just on a long vacation.

We kicked Saturday off with a quick bite at our new favorite coffee shop (next door!), A Baked Joint. While they also offer more substantial breakfast fare, my favorite thing about this place is that you can get little bites like a piece of toast with almond butter, jam or butter. Matt loves their yogurt and granola bowls and their coffee is solid.


We then headed to the farmer’s market. It was pretty busy, so I wasn’t able to linger and look at everything, but we did score fresh eggs, delicious little tomatoes and the best melon I’ve ever had in my life! It was a really small cantaloupe — I think it was called a sugar ball. Wow, I wish I’d grabbed two or three!





Late that afternoon we made the twenty minute walk to the White House. I wish it had been ten degrees cooler — it was hot! But the walk was a great way to get the lay of the land and see how close we are to so many amazing places. We stopped in for a refreshing drink in the Sofitel lobby to cool off before heading out again.



We decided to go to mass that night and St. Patrick’s Church was on our way back home. It’s a gorgeous church in the middle of the city and was founded back in 1794, soon after DC was named the seat of American government!

We finished off the day at one of the restaurants from our master list, Cuba Libre. This restaurant and rum bar makes you feel as if you just stepped onto a quiet street in Cuba. I had coconut crab cakes and spinach and manchego bunuelos. I haven’t had much Cuban food in my life but this set the bar really high!

Sunday morning, we whipped up our farmer’s market fare and hung out in our new place waiting for our internet to be set up. We kept things low key the rest of the day with some reading, a trip to the supermarket to prep for the week ahead, and a steak salad for dinner.


All in all a great weekend with a little exploring and a whole lot of settling in. This week, I’m excited for some of our living room furniture to be here and to start getting into our new work-from-home routine. Matt will also be starting his classes at Georgetown.

Here’s to a great week ahead!