Something New: Korean Food

Okay, first off, I fully intended to cook dinner at home last night. I was planning to make chicken tacos. I had minced my garlic, sliced up the red peppers and was all set to start cooking. Then, as I grabbed the can of chicken, I had a realization: we don’t have a can opener.

I informed Matt of the predicament. As he had just worked out, the idea of me running (actually running, since we don’t own a car) to the store, getting a can opener, running back, and then cooking, seemed like it would take an eternity. So, we went out!

I was craving Asian food and Matt didn’t object. Just across the street we’d seen a little Korean place called Mandu that looked like a popular spot around happy hour. As I said, we were quite hungry so something across the street sounded great!

Since it was happy hour, Matt got a beer and I tried a sojutini — $3 and $4 respectively. Not just any sojutini, an aloe sojutini! Apparently I was feeling very adventurous. You guys, it was the most delicious cocktail ever! Light, crisp, perfect on a hot muggy city night, and paired deliciously with our appetizer of mandu — little pan fried dumplings filled with beef, pork, and vegetables.

For dinner, Matt tried the Dak Gui, a spicy marinated chicken breast served with lettuce and various pastes to wrap the chicken in. I went with the Dolsot Bibim Bap, a bowl of rice, meat and various vegetables topped with a fried egg and served in an extremely hot stone bowl that kept the dish hot the entire duration of the meal. It also came with a yummy spicy sauce to drizzle over the top for an added kick. They also served us a plate of little side dishes that went along with the meal, including the Korean classic, kimchi, fish cakes, and sprouts. Everything was absolutely delicious! I haven’t had much Korean food in my life, but I’m excited to try more!



I wish I’d brought my camera to take high quality pictures! These quick iPhone snaps will have to do until I can go back with my camera.

While I felt a little guilty not cooking at home, it turned out to be a fun night out with the one I love, filled with trying new things and failing miserably with chop sticks!

Don’t worry, I have since remedied the can opener situation and we are having tacos tonight.