Labor Day Weekend

Well, it feels like it’s beginning to cool down here in DC. I couldn’t be happier! I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to fall more than this year. But, as this was the last weekend of summer, we decided to get out and start exploring this new home of ours.

We took the metro to Georgetown Saturday afternoon. We are obviously new to this city and quickly learned that the metro on a weekend, and a holiday weekend at that, is not the way to travel. It took us over an hour to get to our destination when it usually would take only twenty minutes. Oh well! It was fun to spend time with Matt and get comfortable with the ins and outs of the DC metro.


We started up M street toward a cigar lounge where Matt would be meeting an old friend. En route, we passed The Four Seasons Hotel where the entire Saudi Royal family was staying while in DC. Oh. My. Goodness! Talk about crazy. There was a fleet of more than twenty-five luxury black cars waiting outside along with people lined up hoping to catch a glimpse of the royals. Secret service and their dogs covered every inch surrounding the building. Later, our Uber driver told us that a few days before they arrived, he saw truck loads of gold furniture being brought in for the royals. I wish I was able to get better pictures but I felt a little uncomfortable… as you can see.


After wiggling our way through the massive crowd, we found ourselves inside a BBQ joint for lunch called Old Glory. It felt a little touristy at first but after my first glass of sweet tea and a few corn muffins with peach butter, I was a happy lady. And as an Alabaman BBQ connoisseur, I will say the “yankee” BBQ was quite delicious!



Matt met up with his friend while I did a little shopping. I was on the hunt for appropriate business casual pants (DC is a little more formal than what my current San Diego wardrobe offers), but was very unsuccessful in this department. As a petite lady who isn’t rail thin, finding pants will be my eternal struggle! I wound up with three tops and a new pair of shoes, so the day wasn’t a total loss.


Georgetown, by the way, is absolutely adorable. It was pretty manic due to it being a holiday weekend and the tail end of tourist season, but we still had a great time walking down the cobblestone streets and taking in famous sites like Rock Creek Park and restaurants.

Sunday, we took things a little slower. We went to an afternoon mass at St. Patrick’s. Quick side note: it was really moving to be at a mass with wealthy people and homeless people alike, when the gospel this weekend was all about treating those with means and without with the same dignity and respect.

The National Portrait Gallery is on our walk home so we decided to pop in. (I think we are already getting spoiled with all of these free museums!) We spent only a few minutes on the first floor but decided we would certainly be back.


Sunday night was spent grocery shopping and building the second and final bookshelf for our apartment.

This morning we ventured to The Native American Museum. Matt’s friend told us that the food court offered foods inspired by the various North American Indian tribes. We ate a pulled bison sandwich and some delicious fry bread covered in honey — yum! We wandered through the museum for a while then walked our way up to Capitol Hill. It was insanely hot so we quickly found the closest metro stop and headed back home.



The couch is arriving on Wednesday and I couldn’t be more excited to have seating in our place.

I hope you all are having a great Labor Day!