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You know that old adage, “It’s better to look good than to feel good!” No? Maybe that was just a theater thing. Anyway. Since moving to a city where walking a mile or two a day is the norm, I’m learning that fashion and function are very important. Even just looking at how other women dress here, function typically carries the day. And I kinda love that! It’s not about who’s wearing the trendiest thing or what label adorns the front of your handbag. It’s about looking polished for whatever job you hold and getting there comfortably, sans blisters or any other wardrobe malfunction.

When I lived in California, I drove everywhere. I could wear cute little flats with no arch support, wedges that were just barely too high, or even those ankle boots from Forever21 that seemed like the best buying decision at the time. I drove everywhere and really only walked a few steps from my car to wherever I was going. Those days are officially gone. Between the distance of walking, dirty streets, colder weather, and busy metro stations and trains, trendy fashion has taken a back seat to functional fashion.

I will say, it has made keeping a tidy closet much easier as I’ve had to get rid of many a trendy shoe in the few weeks we’ve been here. I’ve said this before but I’m really making an effort to only invest in a few well made pieces that will last me for many years. Today I thought I would share the shoes that have served me well so far and those that I’m hoping to invest in in the coming months.


Nike Free Run 3s – I purchased these (in black) over three years ago when they were half price at Ross.Yes, a total score! Up until now, I really only wore them to walk the dog and work out. They never made an appearance at dinner or on a date. Oh boy are they making an appearance now! These are the best walking shoes I own currently and I wear them every day. Even if we are going someplace a little nicer, I will wear these to walk and ride the train, then slip into the cuter shoes I’ve brought along.

Birkenstock “Gizeh” – These were an investment I made back in California. It’s getting cooler now but for the last three weeks, these have been a hot weather lifesaver! I am considering investing in the Arizona style but planning to wait until next summer as they’ll just take up space in my closet through the winter.

Classic Vans – This shoe was my jam in high school and college. I’m not entirely sure why I stopped wearing them but I’m back with them again because they are comfortable and apparently very in style! I’m planning to get a neutral gray pair that I can wear with jeans or a cotton dress.

Rain/ Snow Boots – I don’t think I have to tell you it doesn’t rain much in San Diego, so rain boots were very low on the list of shoes to invest in there. Here in DC it’s already rained quite a bit and I hear the winters can be brutal. I’d like to invest in a good pair of rain/ snow boots that will serve me through the winters here.

Clogs – I’ve recently become obsessed with clogs. (My mom is laughing at me. I used to make fun of her bright pink clogs. Now I’d wear them!) I discovered a brand called Swedish Hasbeens and am in love with all of their footwear. Especially this pair. I think they’d be perfect without socks on a summer day or with wool socks and a warm pair of pants in the winter.

Have any shoe recommendations for me?