An Afternoon At The National Musem of Natural History

There are a lot of museums here in D.C. And most of them are free! If that’s not a great date idea, I don’t know what is. We decided to kick off our tour of D.C. museums with the National Museum of Natural History.


We went this past Saturday so it was pretty busy, but we were able to make our way through and spend a lovely afternoon together. Here are a few photos!

The human origins and mammal exhibits were by far the busiest. There were lots of families and little kids running around and pointing at early human models and the various animals around the hall.




One of our favorite halls was the traveling photography exhibit made possible by the Embassy of Iceland. The pictures were incredible. It made us want to hop on a plane and see these incredible sites for ourselves!


I think my favorite exhibit was the Gems and Mineral Hall. Who knew rocks were so cool?! I could probably spend an entire day just in this part of the museum! There were thousands of natural rocks from all over the country.



The big attraction in this section is The Hope Diamond. As I Matt and I were looking at it, a sweet little old lady came up, grabbed my arm and said, “He’s going to buy that for your isn’t he!” So sweet. I think it’s a few too many carats for my taste.