More Like Love

I’ve talked about my love for Ben Rector a couple times on the blog now. He just released a new album and it’s been playing non-stop around here the last week or so. One of my favorites from this new album is called More Like Love. Here are a few lines:

I used to think I wanted to be famous

I’d be recognized out in a crowd

But the funny thing is anytime I’ve gotten what I want

It lets me down

But now I just wanna look more like love

I just wanna look more like love

This whole world is spinning crazy

And I can’t quite keep up

It’s the one thing around here

That we don’t have quite enough of

So I just wanna look a little more

Like love

Now, I can’t say I ever wanted to be famous per se. But throughout high school and college my dream was to be an actress. And I guess if you were successful at that, there’d be some level of fame that came with it. Clearly, my path changed a bit along the way.

And I’m so happy it did.

If I’d pursued a traditional acting degree, I never would have found my best friend and husband of four years. I probably wouldn’t have explored other opportunities including writing this blog which brings me so much joy and satisfaction. So, yeah, I’m kind of a believer in the whole, “we make plans and God laughs” thing. So far, not getting what I wanted is working out all right.

I’m a wife, daughter, sister, friend, writer, shower singer, foodie, and (very amateur) photographer. And each of those titles give me countless opportunities, every day, to “look a little more like love”. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing — from scrubbing a shower to having a Twitter convo with one of my readers, I always have an opportunity to be love. Who knows, maybe one day I will be “recognized in a crowd”, but even if I’m not, I just want to be a little more like love in whatever I’m doing.


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