Walks On The Mall

I spent Thursday and Friday up in New York for a couple client meetings. They went really well! Even though the whole trip lasted less than thirty five hours, after long Amtrak rides and walks through midtown Manhattan I was really looking forward to relaxing over the weekend back at home.

We had a bit of a lazy Saturday morning and decided to pop over to the National Portrait Gallery before catching a matinee of Sicario at the movie theatre near by. We’d been to the museum before but weren’t able to see it all. This trip we spent time in the American Artists section and really enjoyed it.



Sicario was really dark. I will say that Emily Blunt is an amazing actress and Benicio Del Toro is fascinating to watch, but the subject matter is very intense.

For dinner we wanted to try something new. So, we wandered a little ways past Chinatown and popped into a Spanish tapas restaurant called Jaleo. The restaurant is really quirky, with a very interesting decor scheme and restaurant layout. Because it was a small plates type dining experience, Matt and I ordered a variety of items from a traditional spanish omelette and paella to a delicious salmon dish with a leak and potato sauce. The food was delicious but I think a little over priced. We will probably go back but I think maybe just for a glass of their sangria and the delicious chocolate dessert we had!


Because it was just a few blocks away, Matt and I decided to take a walk down the Mall to the Washington Monument. It was a cool, crisp evening and, I have to say, we weren’t missing that Cali heat wave at all! (An interesting side note: on our walk back, Matt and I popped into a hotel to use the restroom and happened upon hundreds of Nation of Islam people who were in town for the Million Man March that had happened that day. Very interesting vibe.)

We took it easy Sunday morning and decided to go to St. Matthew’s Cathedral for an evening mass. This church is breathtaking. It’s also where JFK’s funeral was held and where the pope addressed the bishops of the US a few weeks ago. I loved that the mass was packed — and mostly with young couples — very cool. We got to say hi to one of the Little Sisters of the Poor afterwards too!


We finished up the weekend with a delicious bite at Shake Shack. I’m not saying I like it more than In-N-Out…but dang are their burgers delish!