A Night At The Press Club

When you live in DC, it’s kind of a requirement that you watch all of the debates leading up to the election. It’s usually the go-to small talk topic everywhere from the grocery store to a fancy event. And why watch at home when there are awesome locations all over the city that host debate watching parties?

Matt had mentioned when we first moved here that he wanted to stop by and check out The National Press Club. It’s a private club for journalists and communications professionals and has been a Washington institution for more than a century. It’s a gorgeous building just a few blocks from our place. I found out they were hosting a debate party that was open to non members — how could we say no?!


They offered various snacks and drink specials inspired by the candidates including “The Bernie”, which was Stolichnaya vodka with a dash of Vermont maple syrup, and “The Hillary”, a Brooklyn Lager brought to you by a remote server. Hilarious! I tried a “Chafee” which was basically a classic Sea Breeze, and Matt really enjoyed The Bernie.


The ballroom where we watched the debate was pretty packed! I was worried we wouldn’t really be able to hear the debaters over the hum and chatter of the other guests and journalists watching. But as soon as the candidates were announced, everyone focused on the debate.

It was really interesting to hear the oohs and ahs of various groups of people at different points in the debate. I expected it to be a very one sided watching experience but it was quite a mixed bag of supporters for almost every candidate. I also got a kick out of reading Donald Trump’s tweets about the debate during commercial breaks.


As we walked home and discussed the debate, I couldn’t help but smile and take a minute to be thankful for another memorable experience with my best friend in a city that I’m falling more and more in love with!