Bethesda Farmers Market

This past Saturday we made the trek out to Bethesda for a little autumn arts fair and farmers market. It was a really easy trip: just a few stops on the Red Line and we were there!



It was a cold, blustery day. Perfect for pumpkin and scarf shopping! The market is technically called the Montgomery Farm Women’s Co-op Market and is open several times a week. On Saturday there were all sorts of vendors from food trucks to bead and furniture dealers, and even a few gem stands. We started off with lunch from Villain & Saint — a local restaurant that had a cart set up at the fair. I enjoyed a delicious cup of brisket chili that was spicy and warmed me right up!


Next, we wandered through the stalls and stopped for a few minutes when we found several framed prints that we loved. They were a bit large to carry back on the train but we are hoping to order a few and finally start hanging things on the wall at our place! Matt also bought me a gorgeous kayonite and sterling silver ring from one of the gem salesmen.





We went inside to the market and got some fresh pumpkin bread from a sweet little old woman and a couple canneles pastries to enjoy with our afternoon coffee.



What a fun afternoon! My nose was frozen by the time we hopped back on the train and I loved it! I haven’t had a true fall in several years and this was the perfect autumn afternoon filled with shopping, baked goods, and wonderful memories. I hope you all had a great weekend too!



Photos were taken with a Canon T5. My jeans are American Eagle — similar ones can be found here. My hat is from H&M — similar one here, jacket is from TopShop, and my bag is from TJMaxx.