A Little Life Update

If you’ve ever met me in real life, you know I’m an extrovert. That’s not to say I don’t love time by myself too, but I definitely feel most energized when I’m out and about interacting with people. Since moving to DC, working exclusively from home has made finding opportunities to get out and meet people tricky.

So, in an effort to meet new people, learn something new and make a little extra money, I applied for and got a second job at one of our favorite coffee shops, Dolcezza! It’s an awesome little shop that serves amazing espresso and incredible gelato. I’ve never worked in a setting like this, but the owners and manager of the shop are so nice and welcoming. Dolcezza serves Stumptown coffee, and before I can even pull a shot of espresso I have to take several hours of training and classes at their factory location. They really care about their product and customers, and I’m excited to learn a new skill and interact with people in one of my favorite places — my local coffee shop!


Here’s to getting out there and trying new things!