DC Eats: Beef ‘N Bread

There are dozens of restaurants within easy walking distance of our place. One of my favorite things to do is try new restaurants (as you all know), and I thought I’d start documenting my favorite spots in our new ‘hood!


First up, a new favorite lunch spot that is just a block away. Beef ‘N Bread is a tiny little shop that we pass by on our way to the metro stop. There are only a few stools to sit at if you opt to dine in. Most people seem to grab their food to go on a busy lunch rush. Matt and I wanted to get out of the apartment after a busy work morning so we decided to cozy up to a couple stools after placing our order. Matt loves corned beef so he went with the Penn Quarter sandwich: corned beef topped with slaw, Muenster cheese and their special Wise Sauce. I’d heard their roast beef was life changing so I ordered the Kansas City: roast beef topped with onion rings, BBQ sauce and Wise Sauce. I was looking forward to a side of mac ‘n cheese but they were out! Next time, Beef ‘N Bread. Next time.




I was busy taking pictures while Matt took his first bite, and before he’d even finished chewing he said, “Oh. My. Gosh. This is incredible.” After my first bite, I had to agree! Everything from the bread to the meat to the sauces, the sandwiches at Beef ‘N Bread are more than worth the hype.


It’d be easy to pass by this little shop in the hustle and bustle of Chinatown, but if you’re in the area, it’s a must!