Geeking Out At The Food Show

This past Saturday, I convinced Matt to go with me to the Metro DC Cooking & Entertaining Show. On top of there being hundreds of interesting companies and foods to try, one of my favorite celeb chefs, Christina Tosi, was there promoting her book, Milk Bar Life. Christina is the woman behind Milk Bar, the bakery. Matt and I ate there when we were in New York this past spring and absolutely loved it! They just opened one here in DC and we can’t wait to go…once there isn’t a three hour line!


Before we went to Christina’s talk and signing, we walked through the exhibit floor awhile to check out the brands and various foods. There were a ton of chocolate companies and we picked up a few treats to take home with us.




My two favorite stalls were the Bee Raw Honey company, which had dozens of raw honeys to try, and a wooden spoon company. I picked up a jar of Maine Blueberry Honey and a tea strainer made out of wild cherrywood by Jonathan Spoons that made for the perfect afternoon of sipping tea after the show.


We enjoyed Christina Tosi’s talk and a fun and interesting morning out. I love discovering passionate entrepreneurs and companies that are creating amazing businesses around food.