Busy, Busy, Bridget

I function better when I’m busy.

I don’t know if I’ve always been this way, but it definitely became clear in college that when I have more to do, I get more done. If I have only one or two things on the agenda for an entire day, those two things will get done less than an hour before bed. But if I’ve got a laundry list of tasks to accomplish, errands to run, people to meet up with, I will probably get it all done before lunch and then be ready for the next event. I’m also happier when I have oodles to accomplish. There’s something about having things to do and people depending on you to do those things that gives a sense of purpose and accomplishment at the end of a busy day.

Before we moved to DC, someone asked me what I was going to do all day every day. Since the catalyst for our move was Matt’s acceptance into Georgetown, I understood how it could seem like I’d just be at home, alone, pining away all day.

Goodness, no.

When we moved, I had social media clients, a blog, and a YouTube channel to keep me busy. Because that didn’t feel like enough, I got another job at my favorite little coffee shop — which is turning out to be a really interesting and fun experience! And yesterday I got offered an amazing opportunity to ghost write for an organization that Matt and I are extremely passionate about. All that to say, I’m feeling the best I’ve felt — both physically and mentally — in a long time.
I don’t know if I had a larger point to make with this post. I guess I just wanted to document this moment in time and be thankful. Thankful for major life moves. Thankful for opportunities to learn and grow. Thankful for supportive friends and family. Thankful for the busy and full life I’ve been given!