Iceland Part 2

Time for more pictures from Iceland! I definitely took more photos on the second day.

We kicked off our full day on the island with breakfast at The Laundromat. This place is awesome. It’s part restaurant, part working laundromat, part children’s museum/ play area. It does all of those things extremely well and adorably! There were families everywhere. Couples doing laundry, moms holding babies, dads playing with toddlers, all simultaneously enjoying amazing brunch fare and strong Icelandic coffee.






Seriously, if we lived in Reykjavik, this would be a weekly (daily?) stop for us.


After lunch we continued our jaunt through the cobblestone streets stopping in at a local bar designed after the 1998 cult classic, The Big Lebowski. You read that right. It’s a themed bar based on the stoner movie starring Jeff Bridges and John Goodman. It’s almost as weird as it sounds. But also charming and completely fun. We thought it would be touristy and silly, but it was filled with locals! There are several bars throughout the space and a bowling alley. Burgers and White Russians are the main fare of choice here. We were still pretty full from lunch but it’s definitely a must if you find yourself in the capital of Iceland.


We took time that afternoon to enjoy the harbor area. Wow. I feel like it’s obvious to say how beautiful the surroundings are in Iceland. It really is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been and pictures  cannot do it justice. The sky is so blue and the snow on the mountains is so white, you feel like you’ve fallen into some idyllic Norman Rockwell snow landscape.


When we go back to Iceland, we plan to spend more time out and about on excursions. From what we’ve heard, the summer months lend themselves well to these outings!

We were quite chilled after our walk by the water and made our way to another local favorite, Tiu Dropar. This tiny basement cafe is probably the most adorable coffee house… possibly ever. We warmed up with two Swiss Mochas, topped with the creamiest milk chocolate. Yum!




That night we went to mass at Christ The King Church, or Landakotskirkja as it’s called there. Across the street is the French Embassy. There were candles and signs placed by the locals. We took a moment and said a prayer for the lives lost in Paris and the families and people who have been affected by the horrific tragedy that took place there.



Mass was beautiful. We thought that there wouldn’t be many people at the English mass since they offered several masses that day in a handful of languages, but we were wrong! The church was packed. It’s so cool to be able to go to mass anywhere in the world, in any language, and it’s still the same celebration.

We finished out the trip with a final meal at Apotek. I couldn’t get many photos — the restaurant was dark! We tried whale for the first time and were pleasantly surprised! Hey, when in Iceland, right?!

Matt and I can’t wait to go back to this beautiful country!