Our Bedroom Is Complete!

My husband told me to call this post, “Hanging with a stud while we hang studs.” Hah!

Guys, I’ve been procrastinating. There have been three or four framed photos just chilling out on the floor of our apartment for weeks (ahem, months). It seems like hanging pictures is always the last thing we do when we move into a new space. And everything usually doesn’t get up on the walls until a couple months before we move again. But not this time!

Luckily, Minted.com reached out to me. If you aren’t familar, Minted.com is an online retailer that partners with independent artists to provide gorgeous framed or unframed art for your home! There are hundreds of unique pieces to choose from. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and a little bit about the artist that created the piece. There is something for every home and style on their site. And I love the idea of supporting unknown artists and having truly unique art pieces in my home.


Bart helped us with the layout. 

Minted was so kind and provided me with two framed prints for our new apartment! I incorporated them into a collage wall above our bed. I think it turned out well!





I love that we were able to combine three religious art pieces (most of which were wedding gifts) with an incredible photo of a cafe in Paris and a whimsical print that is totally bedroom appropriate. At first we thought they wouldn’t work together, but I think the yellow in both Minted pieces tie together the shades of gold and yellow in the icons and the little accent pillow on our bed.





I’m in love with how it came together. AND I’m proud we finally got that art on the wall!
Check out Minted.com for unique art for your home!