Uncommon Christmas Gifts

I’ll be honest. I’m behind on my Christmas shopping this year. I won’t get too “woe is me” on this one, but I’m currently working three jobs. Finding time to sit down and plan who’s getting what and when has been taking a back burner to cooking dinner and working through a mountain of laundry.

All that to say, I’m now very into online shopping whenever possible. I still want the gifts I send to be unique, thoughtful, and special. I recently found Uncommon Goods and their incredible range of Christmas gifts at all sorts of price ranges. I am in love! While it is a retail site, it is also a community of amazing designers and artists who are creating and selling unique gifts you can’t find at your average big box store.

I’m hoping the people these gifts are going to don’t read this post. But I just had to show you the two pieces Uncommon Goods so kindly sent to me and that I can’t wait to send to loved ones.

The first item that caught my eye is this compartment valet. I love that it’s both functional, simple, and definitely unique! It’s the perfect way for the guy in your life to corral all those little accoutrements that wind up all over the house.



Another item I found is this journal that prompts the recording of life’s experiences, relationships, and hard won wisdom. This feels durable and something I could see passing down to a daughter or son.




So if you’re like me and find yourself barreling toward Christmas with a massive list and no time to head to the mall, I highly recommend Uncommon Goods!

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