Downtown Holiday Market

This past Sunday was my first day off in almost two weeks! While I probably could have just stayed in bed and slept the day away, we all know that’s not healthy. Plus it was almost 70 degrees out! I can’t believe it’s the middle of December. What are you doing, DC?

We did sleep in a little and enjoyed pastries I was able to take home from a late night shift at Dolcezza. After a few errands, we decided to walk down to the Downtown Holiday Market that has taken over 8th and F streets in Chinatown, right outside The National Portrait Gallery.



It was packed. Poor Bart kept getting stepped on because there were so many people! We were able to pop into a few stalls and made a great find at a shop selling vintage prints. Matt found an early 20th century print of eastern Europe. I can’t wait to travel there in less than two weeks!



We finished out the day with mass at The Cathedral of St. Matthew and had dinner with new friends at St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar. It was delicious! They have a huge menu of various mussels in all sorts of delicious broths and sauces. It’s a Belgian style pub with a long list of beers and the mussels are served with a huge helping of fries and bread — yum! Matt and I can’t wait to go back.


I hope you all had a great weekend!