Prague Jewish Day

Our last full day in Prague, we lovingly titled “Jewish Day”. We made our way to the Pinkas Synagogue where the walls are covered with the names of Jews who were rounded up from Czechoslovakia. I can’t tell you how overwhelming it was to see the thousands of names written out in that manner — my family’s name among them.





Close by is the old Jewish cemetery. This solemn site was a place of burial from the 15th century till 1786. They also have a very impressive museum that explains Jewish burial practices and tells about many of the historic figures who are buried there.




We rounded out the day with one last stop at the Christmas markets — I had to try the chestnuts! Man, were they amazing. Also, as I type this, I’ve just learned that STEPHEN COLBERT WAS IN PRAGUE THE SAME TIME WE WERE! Wish we’d run into him and shared a glass of mulled wine in that glorious old town square — how cool would that have been!




All in all, this trip was everything. I can’t put into words how much it meant to be able to go with my husband, father, and mother to this city which holds so much meaning for our family.
Up next: the train to Budapest!