A Tourist In My Own City

Our weeks are insanely busy these days. We certainly aren’t living for the weekend — we love our jobs and enjoy the work, but we do look forward to two days to unwind and explore our city (and get caught up on laundry, cleaning and errands).

A few weeks ago, our sweet neighbor Kristine invited Bart and me to accompany her and her pooch Micro to a nearby dog park. Then the snows came and our trip was delayed. This Saturday, we finally made it happen!


Kristine’s dog Micro. 

We had a great time chatting and watching our dogs run and play with other dogs. We live in a pretty large building with lots of different people and personalities; it’s nice to have a new friend just down the hall!




Saturday afternoon, Matt and I spent time wandering down towards the Mall, enjoying lunch at a Texas style BBQ joint, then moseying through the halls of the National Gallery of Art.



“Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall…”






Our new neighborhood coffee shop. Delish! 
Matt always jokes that I look like a tourist when I bring my camera on our outings. The Mackinac Island hat definitely didn’t help matters on Saturday, but I really don’t mind the label! DC is the perfect city to be a tourist in, even if you live there!