A Georgetown Valentine’s Day

In the past, Matt and I have never really gotten into Valentine’s Day. We usually get each other a small gift and use it as an excuse to go out to dinner.

This year, even more that others, the holiday really snuck up on me! I kept telling Matt I didn’t get him anything but was going to go all out on a home cooked steak dinner (since apparently everyone in DC goes out to dinner and reservations are hard to come by).

But my husband enjoys surprising me. And man, this year, he really did!

On Thursday night, he told me to pack an overnight bag and bring it with me to work the next day. Once I got to work he told me not to metro home that night but to Uber to the Four Seasons in Georgetown where he’d booked a room! I definitely felt like Jennifer Aniston from an early 2000s rom-com.

The hotel is beautiful. Honestly the nicest place we’ve ever stayed. Everything was perfect! What a relaxing way to kick off a long weekend. I’m so thankful for my thoughtful husband who knows exactly when I need a little splurge and R and R.


The hotel even let us bring Bart! What a spoiled little dog. They brought up bowls, treats, and a dog bed for him.


I think the hotel thought it was our anniversary. We told them it wasn’t but they told us to enjoy the treats!



The details of our room were just gorgeous.

I hope you all had a love filled Valentine’s Day!