On hobbies and going analog

A few weeks ago, my Dad sent me his gently used Canon Elan7. It’s one of the last film cameras Canon made before going full digital. I’m still learning all the ins and outs of the camera. But I’m having a great time learning! A few things I’ve noticed taking this camera out and about with me:

Thoughtful pictures: Between my iPhone and a sizable memory card on my DSLR, I’ve become accustomed to shooting a zillion pictures while I’m out and deleting all the poorly framed, underexposed, or just unappealing photos when I get home. But when I’m shooting on film, I know I only have a set amount of shots left on a roll of film and each shot costs money to process. It forces me to be more thoughtful about the shots I set up and waiting until the perfect moment to capture a scene. (It also saves time when I get the photos back! None of the photos below were edited at all!)



I think Matt’s enjoying the camera too! 😀 

Enjoying a moment: When I’m taking pictures on my T3i, after each snap I can stop, check the photo I just captured, and adjust my settings or frame accordingly before snapping more shots. But on film, there’s no screen to check. I set my camera, set up the best shot I can, click, and that’s it! It allows me to take one photo of a moment I want to remember, then move on and enjoy the moment in real life.



I’m not a patient person: I know at this point, I’ve only been able to get one roll of filmed developed, but I can tell it’s already helping me with my patience issues. (And that’s only semi-sarcastic.) I know you might be surprised but drug stores don’t have dark rooms anymore. A Walgreens close by will accept film, but they have to mail it out to process and it takes a week to get your prints back. I like that it built anticipation about the photos I’d taken. When we got them back, Matt and I grabbed a drink at the Pret near by and looked at the printed photos.



While I’m still very much a film amateur, I’m enjoying this new little hobby of mine and the little lessons that come with it.