It’s been a hot minute since I did an outfit post. Today is the day! Mostly because Matt gifted me a pair of Swedish Hasbeens clogs that I’d been dropping subtle hints about for months. (They were actually a Christmas gift but there was a long mix up involving the wrong size and wrong mailing address and Sweden). But this shoot also happened because it’s really starting to feel like spring in the District.

We thought spring was coming a few weeks ago. The cherry blossoms were blooming and I even had a seasonal allergy induced sneezing fit or two. Then a cold front moved in, my winter parka came back out, and we even had a snow day! Just wait five minutes in DC and the weather will change. But this weekend, we went for a long walk to grab coffee and a couple gifts for upcoming baby and bridal showers. I took a picture of an old chair in a coffee shop. Birds were chirping. Spring! So much spring.

And now for the pictures! I hope the beginning of your spring is filled with fun shoes, bright blooms, and long warm days.