Christmas, New Years, and the year ahead

I’m finally getting around to uploading a few of the pictures I took while spending Christmas and New Years with my family in Alabama. I would describe our holiday as peaceful and much needed. The month leading up to Christmas was our busiest yet. It was filled with parties, friends, work travel, and Matt finishing his masters at Georgetown! I can’t believe we moved here over two years ago so that he could start the Masters program. And now he’s finished. I couldn’t be more proud and grateful to him for applying to Georgetown and bringing us to D.C. I’ve fallen in love with this city and its people.

IMG_4709My brother’s dog, Maxi. Bart and I accompanied Maxi and Joe on a crisp Christmas Eve morning to the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge for a hike. 
IMG_4698As I add these photos, I realize the majority of them are of my brother and his dog. You’re cool with that, right?


Christmas crew 2017.(LEFT to RIGHT: My little brother John Paul, Matt, me and Bart, Joe and Maxi). Hopefully we can get the entire family together next year!

I always thought it was nauseatingly cliche when people would make grand statements about the year ahead on New Years Eve. But as I sit here, a week into 2018, looking at our plans for the year and the amount of change that is going to happen, I couldn’t be more excited to say, “2018 is going to be an incredible year.” I hope to share most of it here. Including our adoption journey! Coming 2018…