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How to get stunning skin

There is certainly something to be said for genetics when it comes to having stunning skin. Some ladies have great skin naturally, while others can eat an entire bag of Dove chocolates without gaining an ounce. As my Mother always says, “We are all born with our gifts and our gaps.” Maybe she’s born with it? I think those Maybelline people were on to something.

But the good news is that genes are only the starting point! Beautiful skin also comes from good skin care habits and eating all that bright colored stuff your elders told ya to.

How to get stunning skin?

1. SUNSCREEN! – I’m serious. Trust me, I know it’s not “cool” to be “that girl” who lathers up in spf seventy instead of  tanning oil. (See An Aside About Sunscreen) Sure, it looks great to be the tan one in a summer dress… when you’re twenty-two. But who’s going to be laughing when you’re sixty-five with skin that looks like beat leather? Exactly. That’s what I’m banking on anyway. Who’s with me?

2. Keep it simple – Okay. Raise your hand if you woke up one morning, had the worst break out of your life, then proceeded straight to your local CVS to buy every acne treatment known to man. You’ve got to nuke these things. No spot treatment would go unpurchased!

Preach! I’ve been there. More times than I’d like to count, actually. It turns out that bombarding your face with a plethora of breakout remedies isn’t the best idea. You’re just irritating your already ****ed off pores and those products can sometimes cancel each other out.  The best regimen I’ve found  for stunning skin is simple. A good cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. That’s it! Plus, I don’t know about you but the simpler it is, the easier it is to stick with it.

3. Let It Be – Back to the breakout from hell. I am not the most patient person. If I buy an acne spot treatment, I’m gonna need that zit to go back from whence it came as soon as those crazy chemicals hit my skin. Apparently that’s not how it works. You have to give these things time to work. A rule I try to stick by is to use the entire tube before I write something off as ineffective. But if it makes your skin itchy, red, or inflamed drop it like it’s hot.

4. Balance, Baby – I’d like to believe there is a healthy medium between spinach smoothies and Cinnabon for breakfast. Eat good stuff. I try to have one or two fruits and/ or veggies with each meal. Doesn’t happen everytime but if I try and stick to that I usually feel better and am less prone to sporadic zit colonies on my face. Also, try sleeping. Many of my breakouts come from sleep deprivation and stress.  A recipe for stunning skin must consist of sleep.  I try to hold myself to seven hours per night. My boo also appreciates when I’m well rested. No one likes a ****y date.

5. Change That Case – If you are having a breakout, change your pillowcase and wash cloths. Rid your face of those germs!

If you are interested, here is what I use:
Cleanser: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power Gel Cleanser
Moisturizer: Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture – Sensitive Skin
Sunscreen: Lappert Replenishing Sunblock – SPF 36 (Cucumber based. Smells delicious. Not all gross and greasy)
Spot Treatment: Lappert Acne Spot Treatment

Here’s is a DIY acne spot treatment that works wonders if you want to get rid of redness and swelling with those painful buggers.
You’ll Need:
One uncoated aspirin
A few drops of water
Mash up the wet aspirin and apply to the problem areas.

A note about those last two products – You’re probably thinking. “Wow what a jerk! Shamelessly promoting her Dad’s products! Gross.” Totally understand your thinking. I’d be right there with you. BUT, with that said, I’ve already been put through college so if you buy it, none of the proceeds would be benefitting yours truly in any way. Just sharing what I use. But it really is the best.

Uggs… Ugh!

Here in Southern California, it’s finally cold enough to wear boots!!!!!! Halle-friggin-lujah!!! This deserves that many exclamation points because I have been waiting since March for it to be cold enough to transition from flats everyday to boots every other day!

Now, when I say boots, I do not mean Wellingtons. I do not mean snow boots. But, most importantly, I do not mean Uggs. I mean leather, just below the knee, flat wedge boots. Classy, versatile, fabulous. But, let’s talk about Uggs for a minute.

This form of sheepskin and fleece footwear first broke out onto the scene in the 1980s in Southern California; it symbolized that relaxed SoCal lifestyle. In 2000 their fate as a cultural… thing was cemented when Oprah declared on her show how much she loved her pair of Uggs. Now, let me clarify. The company Uggs actually makes some pretty fashionable footwear. But I’m specifically talking about the Classic Ugg pictured above.

My feelings on the Ugg boot are that they are a glorified slipper which should not be worn in public. THEY ARE GIGANTIC WADS OF FLEECE AND FOAM! I have yet to see them worn in any way that could be considered fashionable or flattering. I have heard the argument that they make your feet seem so large that they have a slimming effect on the rest of your body. I think that is a lie.

Now, I’m totally with you when it comes to the comfiness of a good yoga pant and slipper. But that is for lounging around your house on a slow Saturday while you watch Masterchef re-runs and get caught up on laundry. (Yes, this is what I do on Saturdays. Jeez, get off my back.) Said outfit IS NOT for going shopping, going to the movies, going to dinner, GOING ANYWHERE.

Now, let’s talk about the price of a brand spanking new pair of Uggs for a minute. The pair pictured above will run you $135. THAT. IS. INSANE. Why would you pay that much money for a pair of puffed up marshmallows that go on your feet masquerading as footwear!?

I found a pair of gently used, leather, deep red, Steve Madden boots at Buffalo Exchange for $40 and they’ve lasted me two years now. Not only are they pretty comfy, I can wear them with leggings and a sweater, jeans, or a dress and jacket combo. They make any outfit look put together, not like I’m heading back to bed.

Women of the world, I just want to say: Do not give up! Be better than the Ugg boot. But if you’re a die hard Ugg-er, I want to hear it! I love a good debate.

Three Outfits; One Killer Pair of White Jeans

You’re standing in the dressing room of your favorite store and it’s happened. You have found that perfect pair of white jeans.

Most women are skeptical of this magic wardrobe staple but when you find the pair, you’ll know. They are sophisticated with just the right amount of casual, and flattering on just about any body shape. What more could a girl want?

But wearing them involves a little more than vowing not to spill anything on them before lunch – it involves a bit of outfit-assembling know how. Here are three ideas to get your white jean mojo going.

Also, all of the pieces in these collages I put together can be purchased for under $50! It’s possible, ladies! You just have to be willing to hunt for them!

Wearing white on white isn’t just for droogs. As long as you pair your monochromatic ensemble with some bold and bright accessories (every bougie girl should already own a couple awesome go to accessories).

Jeans – Mango Super Slims – ON SALE – $39
Chiffon Peplum Top – Ally Fashion – $25
Shoes – Steve Madden Thong Sandal – Jildor Shoes ON SALE – $35
Twisted Patterned Bangle – Forever 21 – $6

Channel your inner jet setter. A comfy, but obviously hobo chic sweater, with some funky booties and a pop color bag or accessory and you’re ready to take on the world with understated class.

Blue Stripes Loose Sweater with Pocket – She Inside – $29
Shelly Three Strap Ankle Boot – Wet Seal – $29.50
High Shine Large Shopper Bag – Boohoo.com – $30

I’ll be the first one to admit to shying away from heels at all cost. But, if you’re feeling brave and ready to make a statement on a date with that special someone, try pairing those white jeans with that staple of a black blazer every lady should have and a rocking heel. Those heels are smaller than you. Be confident and own it.

Ponte Blazer with Rolled Sleeves – She Inside – $33
Pammy Wedge – Steve Madden – ON SALE – $40 (Usually $100!!)