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Bridget is an actress turned film student turned blogger who has a weak spot for Gordon Ramsay, 50% off sales, and stay-in movie nights with her boo. She's passionate about helping women find and release their inner bougie goddess with the least possible cash offering. Follow Bridget on Twitter and Instagram @brokebutbougie

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I Love D.C.

When we moved to D.C. we didn’t know anyone.

So we made a promise to each other that we would “always say yes to the thing.” Meaning that if we were invited somewhere or got an invitation to something or found out about an interesting event — no excuses — we’re going.

Man, has that paid off.

I’m an extrovert, but I’m also a homebody. I’m a big fan of relaxing days at home, naps, and cleaning out closets. On work nights, there’s nothing I love more than coming straight home after a long day at the office, fixing myself a gin and tonic, and cooking a nice dinner.

But that’s not how you meet people. And in this city there are a lot of people to meet.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 12.50.42 PM

Photo by my husband. More D.C. photos on Instagram @bridgetlappert


Forcing ourselves to always go to the thing has led to the incredible job I have now. It’s led to meeting like minded couples, who’ve gone from double date buddies to some of our closest friends. It’s led us to meet government officials, former political prisoners, and women who may be able to help Matt and I adopt a baby (more on that soon!).

Just this past Friday, we were at an engagement party for a couple that we met at another friend’s engagement party. Sitting around the fire in the backyard, I overheard the girl next to me mention she’d walked the Camino de Santiago by herself last summer. I was incredibly impressed and inspired; we struck up one of those deep conversations that stays with you. We talked about her Anglican faith, her job as a highschool teacher in D.C., and her love of Ethiopian food. We’ve already planned a double date at an Ethiopian restaurant.

That’s why I love D.C. Not just because the people here are interesting, earnest, and driven. But because this is the place where I get to meet them.

On Looking Over Your Shoulder

Since starting my new job almost two years ago, I’ve gone to a smattering of various forms of the work event with alcohol and important people. There’s something that happens at every single one of these events that really gets under my skin.

I will be in the middle of (what I think is) a good conversation with a new acquaintance and instead of looking at me or actually engaging in conversation in any sort of meaningful, human way, they will look around the room for someone else they could be talking to.

I get it. When you’re at a work event, you’re sort of on a mission to talk to, and connect with the most important people there. Both to expand your own professional network and further the goals of your organization. I also get that at this point in my life I’m pretty low on the professional totem pole. I’m only twenty-five and I look even younger. Do not take this as false modesty when I say I’m a nobody at these things.


But, you know what else? I think I’m a pretty cool person.

I’m friendly (especially one G and T in). I dress well. I don’t smell. I’m a good conversationalist. I think I’m pretty freaking nice and generally “good” at parties. Sure, I’m not the person to talk to to get your think tank funded, connect you to top political consultants, or get your oped placed in the The New York Times.

But I will be someday.

And when I am, I want to be the kind of person that talks to the communications assistant the same way I talk to the hedge fund manager. Life’s too short to constantly look over your shoulder for something better.

Weekend Walks

The last three weekends we’ve been busy attending baptisms, baby showers, and bridal showers. It’s that time of year! This weekend we are looking forward to long walks with Bart to our favorite neighborhood coffee shop The Coffee Bar, organizing our mess of a closet in anticipation of warmer weather, and some quality time with our books. Happy weekend, everyone.

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It’s been a hot minute since I did an outfit post. Today is the day! Mostly because Matt gifted me a pair of Swedish Hasbeens clogs that I’d been dropping subtle hints about for months. (They were actually a Christmas gift but there was a long mix up involving the wrong size and wrong mailing address and Sweden). But this shoot also happened because it’s really starting to feel like spring in the District.

We thought spring was coming a few weeks ago. The cherry blossoms were blooming and I even had a seasonal allergy induced sneezing fit or two. Then a cold front moved in, my winter parka came back out, and we even had a snow day! Just wait five minutes in DC and the weather will change. But this weekend, we went for a long walk to grab coffee and a couple gifts for upcoming baby and bridal showers. I took a picture of an old chair in a coffee shop. Birds were chirping. Spring! So much spring.

And now for the pictures! I hope the beginning of your spring is filled with fun shoes, bright blooms, and long warm days.