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More Marquette Memories

We love summers in Marquette, Michigan. It’s cool, idyllic, and filled with memories, family, and fun. We spent 4th of July there this past week and it didn’t disappoint. Now, for a few pictures:



My sweet niece Natalie Beth and my sister-in-law Maria.


The evening light in the summers on Lake Superior. Nothing like it. 




The Salisbury ladies. Gorgeous! 


Matt and Natalie


One of the best culinary experiences: Babycakes Muffin Company. Legendary. 

Sister Saturday

I spent Saturday with the Little Sisters of the Poor. We walked all over DC visiting various sites that are special to their community. We visited their first home here in the district, where their community cared for recently freed slaves who had nowhere to go. We prayed. We walked. We visited their second home on H street where they cared for the elderly poor for one hundred years, relying on the generosity of others and the tenacity of their sisters who beg for food to feed their residents.  

It was hot, guys. We walked a lot.





It was a great, great day. One of the sisters is in her 80s. She walked 7 miles without stopping or falling behind. What a woman!


When I got home and flopped on the couch (where I remained the rest of the afternoon) I thought of that 80 year old sister and how she went home. And she didn’t rest. She got home and served dinner to the residents she cares for and then she helped them to bed.
I should hang out with those women more often. #squadgoals

An Afternoon At Mount Vernon

On Saturday, Matt and I were invited to a barbeque at a new friend’s house. They live about a minute away from George Washington’s Mount Vernon, so we decided to rent a car and spend some time at this historic place before going to the party.

We haven’t had a car since moving to the district, so having an excuse to jump in the car and explore the surrounding area was a refreshing change of pace.

The grounds are beautiful. I was instantly taken back to so many fun outings with my family when we lived near Williamsburg, Virginia. There were reenactors, guided tours, and ample space and exhibits to explore on our own.

Learning about all of the tasks and planning that went into running and maintaining a plantation of that size during the 18th century was humbling. We kept half joking about how lazy we are! Some pictures from our afternoon: