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The latest shoe trend to hit the streets is something every fashionista can be enthusiastic about: sneakers! Pull those Adidas, Nikes, Reeboks and Pumas out of your closets, ladies, because they aren’t just for the gym anymore; sneakers just got a serious makeover. Here’s the scoop on this spring’s sneak attack!

Why Should We Embrace The Sneaker Trend?

Above and beyond the fact that they’re trendy, wearing sneakers gives our tootsies the reprieve they need. Sneakers seamlessly marry style with comfort.

Who Can Wear Them?

Uh, hello…everyone! And we mean that in the literal sense: every age, body shape, and style of fashionista can find a pair of sneakers that fits into her wardrobe.

Are you a girly girl? Try a pair of bright sneakers with a tulle skirt!


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Don’t want to look fussy, but still look chic? Pair your boyfriend jeans with a classic Adidas sneaker.


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Are you a trend-setter? Then finishing off matching separates with a pair of white sneakers could be your ticket!


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Where and When Can You Don Your Sneakers?

Although we’d like to say “everywhere,” the reality is that sneakers are still considered inappropriate for many office environments. Be sure to check with your place of employment before wearing sneakers for a full day of work. You CAN, however, wear them for a stylish commute!

And otherwise, the options are endless.

Strolling through a weekend Farmers Market? Try putting your sneaks with a leather jacket.


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Running errands? A pair of pastel Nikes with a girly sweatshirt is a great option.


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Meeting the girls for brunch? Then pair those sneakers with a feminine dress and colorful handbag!


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A Few Extra Tips for Wearing Sneakers:

  • Take as much care with sneakers as you would with any other pair of shoes you love: clean them and store in a dry, safe place (away from pets)!

  • Please DON’T wear your “worn-out, have had them for decades” running, gym, or gardening sneakers.

  • Sneakers are easy to add an insole into for extra foot support. Ask the store associate where you normally purchase your shoes for recommendations.

  • You CAN go barefoot in sneakers if you’d like, but….

  • Don’t ruin that spring/summer manicure. A pair of “no-show” or low ankle socks do the trick.

Who knew a sneak attack like this could be so much fun? Let us know how you plan to wear your sneakers this year in the comments below!

Make Your Mornings Smoother

Not everyone is a morning person. In fact, I’d venture to say that even the most zen, chipper, early bird has probably spent a lifetime acquiring a taste for mornings. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent years hitting snooze buttons, then rushing around like mad to get out the door and to work (or school) on time… same thing, morning, after morning, after morning.

So, how can we make our mornings run more smoothly? After getting fed up with my stressful mornings, I came up with a strategy that I’ve used for over five years now, and helps immensely.

Start by asking yourself these three questions:

  • What’s most important to you when getting ready in the morning?

  • What frustrates you the most in the mornings?  

  • What takes you the most time?

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 12.13.07 PM.png

I found that the answers to these are often the same thing: for many, it’s hair and makeup; for others, it’s packing lunch or getting kids ready. Some find it to be all of these.

I, for example, have always been particular about what I look like before I leave the house. I insist that my outfits look put-together from head to toe. If I can’t get an outfit to look just right, it frazzles me, therefore taking extra time in the morning.

Once we’ve determined our morning trigger points, we’re able to seek a solution. I’ll warn you, though, the solution that works best is not a glamorous concept; in fact, you probably already know what it is. The solution is one simple word: PREPARATION.

It means taking a few minutes the night before to prepare for the day ahead. Easy, peasy. And although not everything you do in the mornings can done the night before, there ARE many that can be, which frees up precious time for your other important morning tasks.

A list of what can be done the night before includes, but is not limited to:

  • Packing lunch

  • Prepping breakfast (try options like overnight oatmeal)

  • Putting coffee on a timer

  • Laying out outfits (& your kids’ clothes) from head to toe, including shoes, accessories & undergarments

  • Going to bed earlier (another “boring” suggestion, but will help ward off the extra hits to the snooze button)

  • Packing your purse or backpack with your daily necessities

  • (For some girls) Washing and/or prepping your hair

  • Putting out things you know you’ll need in the morning, i.e. makeup, blowdryer, deodorant, lotion, etc.

  • Filling the car with gas

  • Writing a check-list of important items needed for the next day

Better yet, here are a few things that you can do the week before (on weekends or your days off):

  • Prepping lunches or breakfasts (choose items that you know won’t go bad or soggy in five days)

  • Picking outfits for the entire week: hang them in the front of your closet with the accessories and shoes you’ll be wearing with the outfits. (This may take up to an hour on your weekend, but is WELL worth it so that you don’t have to worry about it for the remainder of the week!)

  • Write a check-list of important items needed for each day of the week.

Try using preparation for even just one week and see how your mornings change. Before you know it, you too may become a morning person!

Pastels VS Brights

It seems that in the time it takes a fashionista to flip her hair, there’s a new color trend! Are neon colors in again this summer, or are they so last year? Is it black, white, or both that we’re supposed to wear in 2015? Are pastels on trend, or are they too reminiscent of adolescent Easter dresses?

We’re breaking down some of this year’s trendiest shoes, nails and clothing, pitting brights against pastels in a head-to-head battle to decide which we think is more chic. What color palette will be victorious — pastels, or brights?

Round One, SHOES.

In the first corner, we’ve got this year’s trendiest pointed toe pumps and sandals in pastel pink and robin egg blue. In the opposing corner, we’ve got equally trendy flats & pops of bright aqua and yellow.







Although both are versatile and add a pop of color to an outfit, we give this round to the pastels.

After being absent for a few seasons, pastel shoes are back and while they seem minimal, they pack quite a punch.  A pair of pastel shoes can add an unexpected finish to a black outfit, a fresh kick to denim, and the perfect amount of romance to an already pastel outfit. The best benefit? Lighter shoes give the appearance of a longer leg line!

Round Two, NAILS.

In the pastel corner, we’ve got a variety of mints, blues, pinks, purples, yellows and peach. In the brights corner, we’ve got a bold blue and classic bright red.







While we love the look of pastel nails, we have to give this round to the brights.

After all, we can’t think of a single fashionista who doesn’t look good in a classic red nail. What’s more, brights are an easier color to apply for those fashionistas who are DIY mani/pedi artists. Although pastels look stunning on Pinterest or in ads, what they don’t tell you is that it be can difficult to make these shades look that good in real life. Many pastels take several solid coats to keep from looking streaky, which means more room for error (bubbling, smudges, longer dry times, etc.).

Round Three, SHORTS.

As we steadily approach shorts season, which colors will prevail as the trendiest? We’ve got hot pink and green shorts as our first contenders, and lavender, baby blue, and peach as the challengers.







This round goes to the pastels. You can’t walk into a store or peruse online without being met by a barrage of cute pastel shorts this year! Even denim shorts are coming in a wide variety of lighter washes and pastel colors. They’re certainly on trend!

Round Four, HANDBAGS.

Introducing first, the brightest and trendiest bags in coral, yellow & cobalt blue.




The challengers? Mint and peach!



Another tough round, but this one also goes to the pastels. As we said in round one with shoes, pastel handbags are a fresh addition to any spring ensemble. Some pastels are even light enough to pose as a neutral, which means they’ll look stylish with both darker or lighter outfits. Furthermore, if we’re choosing pastel shoes in round one, we’ll certainly have to stick with a pastel handbag. Although shoes don’t have to match the bag, coordinating them so they stay in the same “color family” is usually a wise choice.

Final Round, SWIMSUITS.

We left the most difficult round for last: difficult because there are so many choices from this year’s bright AND pastel swimsuits! Let’s take a look at the contenders. In the brights corner we’ve got a tropical print, a stylish bohemian pattern, and a beautiful bright blue bikini. On the pastel side, we’ve got what looks to be a mix of various iced teas: mint, lemon, lavender, and a sherbet one-piece.







It could go either way but the victor of the last round is… pastels! The shopping is endless for pastel swimsuits this season, which makes it easy to buy a few to mix and match for new looks throughout the entire summer. Also, many of the pastels are more forgiving on the beach babes who haven’t developed their summer tans quite yet.

And so, it looks as though pastels aren’t just for Easter, having clearly won 4 out of 5 rounds in this matchup. Do you agree with us? Let us know which were your favorites in each round by leaving a comment below!

Five Patterns To Wear This Spring

Move over winter solids, spring has sprung and it’s time give way to this year’s fresh and cheery patterns! Pull them from your closets or find them in stores — either way, here are the five patterns we think every fashionista should wear this spring.


With popular designers like Diane von Furstenberg giving a nod to this ultra feminine pattern, gingham is back in a big way. However, don’t feel as though you have to buy designer to appreciate gingham. Places like TopShop and Forever 21 have reasonably priced and stylish gingham shorts, skirts, and dresses. Perfect for the office or a spring picnic.


Tiny Polka Dots

Dots are universally stylish, but this year’s chicest dots are small and dainty. This pattern is particularly sweet on feminine blouses and skirts.



Cue the Miranda Priestly reference: “Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.” But listen, there’s a reason why florals are so popular in spring. Simply put, they make us feel pretty. And there’s nothing shy about this year’s trendiest blooms: they’re large and vibrant!



Do stripes ever go out of style? We think not, but we’re loving the moment bold stripes are having this spring. They’re vertical, horizontal and in a variant of sizes and lengths. AND stripes just so happen to be perfect for mixing with florals!



Other animal prints are taking a breather because this season it’s all about snakeskin. This semi-neutral pattern is stylish for apparel, but especially great for shoes, belts, and handbags. Great for an office look or a girls night out!


Feeling extra whimsical? Try mixing any one of these patterns together! Just be sure to keep the colors in a similar palette and accessories minimal. Cheers to a beautifully patterned spring!