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Eyeshadow Secrets

When making up your face, skipping foundation and concealer is forgivable, but eyeshadow and mascara? Not so much. Eyes are definitely the first thing most people notice, so they have to make a statement. And we’re not talking the same kind of statement that’s made on the runway of a fashion show. That type of makeup application is a true art form, requiring time, dedication, skill and lots (and lots) of beauty products.

We chatted with the experts and are bringing their recommendations (and our fave products!) for a simpler application with runway-type results straight to you:

Celebrity makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez tells Broke But Bougie that the biggest trend coming to the runways this season is monochromatic. “Color is overall very subtle,” says Rodriguez, “but the main focus seems to be about using one tone, mainly in the shades of brown or nude on the lids with soft hints of gold.” To finish the look, combine with similar tones of blush and lip color. This look can be subtle, demure, or dramatic, but overall is quite easy to achieve with minimal effort.



James Kiliardos for Nars

The classic smokey eye is definitely here to stay, but trending now is the simultaneous use of a bright color on top of it. BH Cosmetics has seen an increase in sales for their blues, purples, greens and metallic shimmery colors.


We’re also loving Osmosis Colour Cosmetics for the metallic shimmery colors. Their Osmosis Colour Water Color Mineral Eyeshadows feature loose pigments to amplify eyes with a bold, wet look finish that won’t crease or fade. (Don’t you hate that?!) They’re infused with goji berry and green tea, which hydrates and protects the eyelids.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics offer eyeshadows that are longwear and designed to offer a vibrant color with superior quality. We love them! Eyeshadow trends have a lot to do with the shape at which you apply it; the sideways “V” shape is always the most popular. Here’s how it’s done: Apply a highlighter shade to the browbone and inner corner, following with a darker shade on the eyelid. Finish with the darkest shade in the crease, applying this shade using the sideways “V”. Make sure to apply the darkest shadow along the crease and blend it from the outer corner inward.

Remember, artists are only as good as the brushes they use. Our pick comes from the Elaina Badro collection. Her newly launched 15-piece cosmetic brush collection has received rave reviews from many of her peers including Denika Bedrossian (makeup artist to Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine) and Rob Scheppy (makeup artist to the Kardashians). Other celeb fans include Carrie Underwood, Christian Milian, Mika Newton and Lindsay Shaw.

8 Uses For Lemons

Many of us know that ingesting lemons has superior health benefits. The fruit is high in vitamin C which enhances beauty and rejuvenates skin. Everyone should start their day by drinking warm lemon water. It starts the digestive system up and prevents bowel problems (ew, but important)! It is also great for quicker weight loss and flushes out toxins from your body. In addition, it balances pH levels, conditions the liver and helps purify the blood. Lemons have been shown to induce a calming effect on both mind and body. Inhaling/ingesting can help remove tiredness, dizziness, tension, anxiety and nervousness.

Lemons have many uses outside the body as well!

1. Make your house smell good.

For a general elimination of odor in the kitchen area, boil lemon rinds in a pot and let the mixture sit for awhile. For the rest of the house, mix the juice of one or two lemons with a strong tea and put into a spray bottle. Walk around and spray to freshen the room. Be careful to keep the spray away from furniture.

2. Remove corns and calluses.

Apply a slice of lemon on the corn/callus, then bandage. Leave this in place overnight and continue each the procedure night until you notice changes. To help accelerate the process, dab the affected area with lemon essential oil. You must be careful to use only the undiluted kind because it’s too strong for normal skin.

3. Polish faucets.

Lemons can be used in a variety of ways for cleaning and removing stains around the house. My favorite trick is the one for faucets, since they’re always getting dirty! Rub lemons directly on your faucets to remove any hard water stains and soap residue. Easy!

4. Give yourself highlights.

Remember Sun-In? Yeah…that. Shampoo your hair and rinse it with a mixture of ¼ cup lemon juice mixed with ¾ cup water. Then sit out in the sun until your hair dries. Repeat this once a week for maximum effect and the “beach blonde” look.


5. Keep bugs away.

Critters, particularly of the cockroach and flea variety, hate the smell of lemons. Washing your floors with the rinds and juice of four lemons mixed in a half gallon of water will help these buggers stay away.

6. Emergency deodorant.

In a dire situation, wet your underarms with some lemon extract. This deodorant will only last a few hours, but it’s obviously better than sweating through your outfit of the day!

7. Soften Cuticles.

One of my all-time favorites, especially during the harsh winter and dry summer months. Mix two teaspoons lemon juice, one teaspoon honey and a cup of warm water. Soak fingertips in this for at least 10 minutes. When time’s up, rinse, dry and push back those cuticles.

Do YOU have any fun tips with lemons to share?


Easy Hairstyles For Dirty Hair

What is dirty hair, anyway? Being someone who doesn’t wash her hair every day (and I know this is common for women) I sort of just *know* when it’s dirty and time to wash it. But for those glorious days of showering without the hassle of shampooing, hairstyles can be a challenge.

If you don’t know the power and awesomeness of dry shampoo, definitely check it out. Dry shampoos not only absorb some oils and odors, but also plump up volume at the root area. To apply, lean over and spray at the roots. Brush through hair to disperse the product and help soak up those oils. Now you can get started on these easy peasy, (down and) dirty hairstyles:

From the experts

“My take on hairstyles when you haven’t washed your hair in a couple of days is braids, braids, braids,” says Jasmine Anna Galazka, stylist at Oscar Blandi Salon on Madison Avenue in NYC. “Natural oils in the hair definitely help to keep the fly-aways down, and a braid never looks as good as it does when done on dirty hair!” She explains that dirtier hair has a much higher tendency to mat up and tangle, and braids are a great way to keep hair contained and tangle free. Personally, I love braids. They’re a great way to dress up an outfit for the evening look, and perfect for a casual and laid back look as well.

Nina Briese, lead stylist of Dallas-based salon Osgood-O’Neil, loves the sock bun as another great easy-to-do hairstyle. While you shouldn’t sport it every day, it’s the perfect alternative to a ponytail. Achieve the look in four simple steps:

  1. Put your hair in a regular ponytail

  2. Place a sock with the toes cut off over the ponytail

  3. Loosely wrap the hair around the sock.

  4. Use hairpins to secure the hair

Products to use

Sleek ponytails are always in vogue. Use Eufora’s Beautifying Serum on your hair to help calm frizz for the ultimate sleep look. Run the serum throughout your locks to create shine. A good tip for measuring where the ponytail should be is to start by placing your thumb at the hairline and form an L-shape with your pointer finger. Place pointer finger down on hair — where it lands is an ideal spot for a sleek, high pony. That’s it!

For ladies with short hair, spike it with pomade or rock it smooth with a cute headband or some sparkly hair accessories. International Artistic Director for Color Therapy at Keratin Complex, Deb Gavin likes to do a deep side part and comb everything but the front area tightly back. She uses hairspray to secure a tight “slicked back” look and then back-combs the front to create a bit of volume.

Zlata’s Thoughts

Messy buns are actually my personal go-to for dirty AND clean hair. On the weekends, who has time to get their hair situation straightened out before running errands? Just twist your hair into a ponytail, put the outlying hairs in place and take out a few strands to create a feminine and sexy look. Be mindful, though: if you’re looking to wear your hair down later, you might have some hair-tie indents.

Hey, when all else fails, put a beanie on it and get on with your day.

7 Ways To Get Thick Hair

Whenever you hear a sentence start with, “As you get older…” it tends to never be something good or positive that happens to you. This is one of those sentences: As you get older, you might notice some undesirable changes to your hair. It could start falling out, thinning out, breaking more easily, etc. Well just as night creams promise to mask wrinkles, there are solutions to make sure your hair stays healthy and right in place.


Get healthy

First things first. If your hair used to be super thick and it’s beginning to thin out and become more fragile, make sure you’re up to date on your physicals. It’s really important to make sure your health is solid. Hair loss can be a sign of stress, thyroid issues, or even diseases like lupus. Thinning hair can also be a result of your diet, so if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, make sure you speak with your doctor or nutritionist about any supplements you should be taking like zinc and vitamin B. Hair issues may also stem from natural causes thanks to your genetics, which is something you can’t really change. It is important to discover what the facts are.


Steer clear of chemicals

It’s best to stay away from any chemicals in your hair products. When it comes to shampooing, purchase sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Since sulfates strip away natural oils that protect your hair, chances are your hair will become increasingly fragile and damaged with their continuous use. Try L’Oreal EverStrong Thickening shampoo or Fat Hair’s thickening shampoo, which is also vegan. Understandably, a girl’s gotta have her hair products (gel, mousse, hair spray); just make sure to use them sparingly.


Chill out on the hair washing

That’s right! You do not need to wash your hair every day. This isn’t Saved By the Bell and you aren’t Jessie Spano trying to avoid Slater. By washing your hair every day, your scalp isn’t getting the time it needs to produce those natural and healing oils I mentioned above. Experts say that washing hair up to four times a week is plenty. In between, try using dry shampoos such as Thebalm and Instant Refresh by Joico. 



The heat is off

You know you’ve been hearing this for years: heat is no bueno for your luscious locks. Stay away from the blowdryers, flat irons, curling irons and crimpers. Instead, opt for sponge rollers like Grandma used to do. Bet she still has a full head of hair!


How you brush matters

Surprise! You shouldn’t brush your hair when it’s wet. It’s super prone to breakage while damp. Surprise again! You should stay away from brushes altogether. Using a wide tooth comb is where it’s at. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to brush your hair at least once a day to move those healthy oils from your scalp (this is the third time I’m mentioning them!) down through the rest of your fro.


Protein: It’s not just what’s for dinner

Creating protein masks for your hair (or buying them at the store) is a really great idea and one that should be carried out about twice a week. Since your hair is made of protein, adding a little bit more only helps. Here’s a super easy at-home recipe: Mix 1-2 eggs with aloe vera gel. Coat your hair and leave in for about 10-15 minutes before you rinse.

Flax seeds are another great at-home ingredient you can use for a mask. They’re jam-packed with fatty acids that will help thicken your hair. Soak the seeds in water for about five days, then apply all over your hair. Leave it on for about 10 minutes before you rinse.

Ask for extensions

You also always have the option of using extensions in your hair if it’s actually really bad and you feel you’ve tried other options to no avail. The number one thing to remember is that your health should be your number one priority. Make sure everything’s okay in that department; try to keep your stress triggers to a minimum and definitely exercise to maintain great physical and mental focus, plus healthy hair nourished from within!