Fall Walks

The last couple days in DC have been… quiet. Perfect for long walks in our neighborhood with small stops for hot drinks and delicious food. Some recent snaps from our fall jaunts:


Coffee and oats from Right Proper Brewery.


A DC favorite that reminds me of Frank Underwood from House of Cards for some reason.


Why DC has been so quiet the past few days…


Bart’s newest nemesis: a jet black squirrel who drops acorns on him when we walk by.


Life Lately

We are all moved into our new place and fall is officially here. These last few years, fall has been a season of change for us. Last year we moved across the country and I made a (sort of) career change. This fall we moved — again — and I just had an incredible breakthrough with my health issues.

I don’t talk about medical issues very often on BBB but this is a moment in my life I want to remember. Since Matt and I got married, I’ve been to many doctors, had surgery, several scans and office procedures, months of taking this medication and that, months of blood tests, physical therapy, frustration, confusion, exhaustion, and tears. All that to say, after five years of trying everything I possibly could, I was left with no answers and a dead end.

After an encounter at an event over the summer I can only describe as providential, I learned about a doctor in Oklahoma who I’m able to work with over Skype. Thank you technology! I won’t get too into the details but basically hormones are super important and mine were incredibly out of whack. With one prescription, it’s looking like I will finally, finally, feel like myself again.

The fact that this news came at the beginning of fall is simply the icing on the cake. In between traveling all over the country for work, we’ve been able to explore our new neighborhood and a bit of the surrounding Maryland/ Virginia area.

Time for a few recent pictures to remember this season in our lives:







DC Turkish Festival

This past weekend, Matt and I decided to go for a walk along the mall before our big move this week. In classic DC fashion, we stumbled upon a street festival — a Turkish festival!

The people, food, and fashion were wonderful. I snapped a few pictures as we walked through the fair.