An Afternoon At Mount Vernon

On Saturday, Matt and I were invited to a barbeque at a new friend’s house. They live about a minute away from George Washington’s Mount Vernon, so we decided to rent a car and spend some time at this historic place before going to the party.

We haven’t had a car since moving to the district, so having an excuse to jump in the car and explore the surrounding area was a refreshing change of pace.

The grounds are beautiful. I was instantly taken back to so many fun outings with my family when we lived near Williamsburg, Virginia. There were reenactors, guided tours, and ample space and exhibits to explore on our own.

Learning about all of the tasks and planning that went into running and maintaining a plantation of that size during the 18th century was humbling. We kept half joking about how lazy we are! Some pictures from our afternoon:





Reel #2

I just got my second reel of film back from good ‘ole Walgreens. The thrill of opening the little envelope and seeing images I’d almost forgotten about, hasn’t worn off yet! Some highlights from this reel:


This is an installment at the National Portrait Gallery. Each screen plays something that represents the state that it’s in. 


No trip to the National Portrait Gallery would be complete without ice cream. 


We wandered down to the art restoration area. I thought the light on these vials was pretty neat. 



A Sunday tradition: an iced coffee from La Colombe and an hour spent soaking in the sun. 


Oh, hello Washington Monument! Sure, this is a little underexposed. But I love it!


Glasses of prosecco enjoyed with my parents in NYC! More pictures from that trip coming soon!


Horses in Central Park. 

Elephants and Fried Chicken on Waffles

The three day weekend was hot, relaxing, and full of summertime touristy things. It was lovely.

On Saturday we went to the zoo (Which is free. Thanks, DC!) and brunch with our sweet neighbor. It was hot. We we still managed to have a wonderful time looking at a new art installment made of trash found in the ocean and spending time with — my favorites — the elephants.


These are made completely out of items found in the ocean including flip flops, tooth brushes, and toilet seats.




As you know, I’m into food. This outing included a trip to a local favorite: Bar Charley. Since first enjoying the glory that is chicken and waffles at Rosco’s in LA, I can’t resist this truly inspired combo if it’s on a menu. Delicious!


The rest of the weekend included a trip to the Postal Museum, grocery shopping, and whipping up some delicious (and cheap) crab cakes! A post on those coming soon. Have a great week everyone!

Little Dates: The National Gallery & Bar Deco

Saturday has become quite the productive day for us. It’s always been our cleaning day, but now that we work all week it’s become our cleaning, errand, filming, writing, date day. After a day of getting all of our around-the-house tasks done, we take time for a little date.

This past weekend we went to the National Gallery and one of our favorite nearby restaurants: Bar Deco.

And now, the pictures.

Dates_1This guys was definitely a third wheel. 



Dates_5We turned the corner, I saw this and could not stop laughing. Just me? Okay. 
Dates_6Bar Deco is just down the street from our apartment and one of our favorite spots. They know how to do comfort food, delicious cocktails, and ambiance fit for the finest of hipsters.