Recent Favorite Things and Lessons Learned

I know you’re kind of supposed to post your favorite things at the end of the month in the blogger world. I guess I’m breaking the rules! I felt like I hadn’t done one of these videos in a while and I do have a few items to share.

I hope you all are staying warm and having a lovely February.


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Working It

I figured you all might be a little sick of my travel posts (if you aren’t, don’t worry Budapest is coming soon!). So, today we interrupt travel posts to bring you a little outfit inspiration. I haven’t done one of these in a while!

You really can’t go wrong with all black, can you? Definitely a rhetorical question.


When I’m getting ready for work in the morning, when in doubt, I go with an all black look. It’s polished, timeless, and simple.




Plus, it’s the perfect canvas for jewelry. Recently, I’ve been loving this black with clear stone wrap bracelet from Victoria Emerson (Use “bougie20” at check out for 20% off!).  I know stacking is all the rage, but with this one piece, I’m ready to walk out the door looking like I spent way longer planning my outfit than I actually did.

VictoriaEmerson_5T-shirt is from H&M, blazer is from Zara, jeans are American Eagle, and the shoes were a gift to myself in Prague!

Down To Business & Free Jewelry!

Now that I’m working in an office, my wardrobe has to go from business casual to pretty much just business. On the one hand I work in communications so I think there is some room to be a little more artsy, but on the other this is DC, and people take their business attire very seriously.

The other night, my sweet husband ventured into Zara with me to assist in finding a new black blazer and a few tops. (I’m also in desperate need of dress pants. The only place I seem to have any luck is in the Ann Taylor LOFT petite section, but their choices are limited. If anyone out there has the hookup on awesome dress pants for the uber petite, let me know!)

Back to Zara.

I was able to find this boyfriend style blazer for a decent price. It was a little more than I intended to spend, but I’m trying to really hold myself to spending good money on quality pieces that I will wear a lot. This is one of those pieces. The material has a little sheen to it and because the sleeves are designed to be bunched up at the elbows, I don’t have to get it tailored for my stubby arms. Yay!




I recently signed up for RocksBox, which is basically Netflix for jewelry. It’s really stepping up my jewelry game! And it has allowed me to get more wear out of my favorite basics since the different pieces I get each month from RocksBox keep my plain pieces looking fresh and unique.


When you sign up for RocksBox, you answer a few questions about your style, the types of jewelry you like, etc. A stylist selects three pieces for you and sends them directly to your house. Wear them as much as you want, and at the end of the month send the pieces back. Or your card will be charged for individual pieces you’d like to keep.

If you’d like to try RocksBox, they’ve sent me a code which will give you the first month (three pieces of jewelry) for free! Just use: brokebutbougiexoxo at checkout!
Also, very serious about the petite pants thing. Help a sister out! 😀

Investing In My Wardrobe

Styling and fashion have always been fun for me. I like how clothes can change your mood and quickly transmit your personality to the world. And like one’s personality and taste, one’s style definitely changes over time. I think mine has been constantly changing and evolving since I was about thirteen. In middle school I went through an exclusively gym shorts and hoodie phase (yikes); then there was the chunky sneaker and vest phase (channeling Justin Bieber? a little Ellen?), then the beachy boho phase (thanks, San Diego!), etc., etc.

Now that I’m in DC, I think my style is becoming simpler and much more about the function of fashion rather than what can be expressed by cheap, trendy pieces. Instead of picking several cheaper items while on shopping dates each month, I’ve started to buy only one or two pieces that are much higher quality and classic in their style and shape. I make sure they’ve been on my list for at least a couple months and things I can see myself wearing on at least three different occasions.

This might seem like an involved process, but it’s kept me from dropping money at fast fashion stores on items I know I’ll wear only a few times or that won’t make it past five washes. And I find myself taking better care of my clothes. They cost more money and I took the time to decide whether or not they were really me and something I would keep with me for years to come.

This is one of my currently favorite outfits. It’s classic, simple, and totally me! I feel completely comfortable in this look and have worn it to museums, a food show, and on a date night.





What are your rules for buying and investing in clothes?