5 Ways To Wear

5 Ways To Add Some Edge To Floral Prints

When I say floral print, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Up until very recently, I would have said, “My Easter dress from 1995.” Or “Romantic gowns worn by rich ladies in the Upper East somewhere.” Regardless of what comes to mind, there’s no denying that floral is everywhere.  Spring is just around the corner so ditch your any ideas you had that floral is only for girly girls and babies in tights. Here are 5 ways to wear floral.





1. Floral and Leather

Found a pretty floral top but looking for a way to add some edge? Try a pair of leather pants and/or a blazer in a complementing color. Structure on top, sleek sophistication on the bottom.



Pants $40 / Top $40 / Blazer $32 / Booties $30 / Bag $40 


2. Dress and Booties

Find a floral dress that hugs you in all the right places. Then throw on a fitted, dark jacket and some matching booties. The floral dress is feminine but the booties are your wink to something a little edgier.



Dress $48 / Jacket $55 / Booties $32

3. Weekend

I saw this pair of floral skinnies at Target last week and couldn’t help but think how versatile they’d be. For some weekend floral action, try a screen T or tank and some booties.




Pants $25 / Top $15 / Booties $40 / Ring $20 / Bag $36 

4. Little Black Dress

Looking to add some floral to your little black dress? Try some leggings! Even if it’s chilly, you’ll bring a breath of spring air to any date, dinner or outing.



Dress $28 / Floral Tights $16 / Shoes $33 / Necklace $30


5. Sleek in a Skirt

If you’ve got a floral skirt, try pairing it with all black. A knee high boot and a simple black long sleeve T will keep it refined and let the floral skirt to all the talking.


Skirt $28 / Top $14 / Boots $30 / Bag $32


5 Ways To Wear Ankle Booties

Ankle boots are all over the place! In hundreds of styles from the runways to the thrift stores, this shoe trend doesn’t looks like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Winter or summer, ankle boots are versatile, easy and if you find a great print they are pretty fun and a great way to show off your personal style. Here’s a bit of inspiration to get you to throw on those ankle booties at work, out with friends or traveling!




1. Weekend Hipster

That favorite pair of skinny jeans? Yeah, throw those on with some ankle booties and your favorite blouse. You’ll look effortlessly hip for that Saturday brunch date!



Booties $30 / Skinny Jeans $10 / Top $38 / Bag $50 / Sunglasses $15


2. Floral Skirt Sass

Throw on a pencil skirt and booties and work it you power lady you!



Skirt $35 / Top $22 / Earrings $6


3. Prints!

Every lady needs a black dress. Try a print bootie and show off a little bit of your wild side (but don’t get crazy).



Booties $50 / Black Dress $40 / Earrings $50 / Clutch $30


4. Weekend Ease

From the grocery store to a Sunday movie matinee, a pair of boyfriend jeans and booties is easy, fashionable and just the right amount of tom boy.



Booties $25 / Jeans $50 / Blouse $40 / Braided Bracelet $4 / Watch $26 / Bag $40


5. Travelista

Long flight home to visit the fam? Road tripping with your boo? You can still look effortlessly chic (and be completely comfortable)!



Booties $35 / Leggings $26 / Fluffy Sweater $25 / Bracelets $30 / Bag $30 

5 Ways To Wear Neon

Spring is just around the corner! Get ready to say goodbye to hunter green and knee-high boots, it’s pastel and neon time! Neon is a trend that is all over the place right now. From nails to messenger bags, this trend turns otherwise boring outfits into surprising, fun, and vibrant show stoppers. Here are 5 ways to wear neon. (Without looking like the 80’s threw up on you.)





1. Skinny Jeans

If you go with neon on the bottom, keep things simple and sophisticated on top. A denim jacket is a great way to add structure to any casual outfit and I’m always a fan of fun, print flats.


 Green Skinnies – $17

Leopard Print Flats – $32

Michael Kors Watch – $25 


2. Frilly Frock

I love dresses that have an asymmetrical hem line. Why not go for a neon one! A fun and flirty dress is a great go to on a weekend or a semi-casual outing.


Modcloth Dress 

Triangle Necklace – $13


3. Pop Color

Neon can be a great pop color on an otherwise monochromatic outfit.


 Black Skinnies – $40 

Black and White Top – $20 

Neon Flats


4. Neon Nails

If neon clothing is a little to much, try painting on some neon nail polish! Subtle but still fun.


 Black Dress – $37

Orange Flats – $20


5. All Black Base

Like I mentioned in the skirt post, an all black base is a great canvas for a vibrant skirt or pair of shorts. Try some neon!


 H&M Black Leggings – $7

Dorothy Perkins Black T – $14 

 Orange Body Con Skirt  – $15 

Modcloth Feather Earrings – $10 

5 Ways To Wear A Poofy Skirt

If you’re not a girly girl, the title of this post may be a bit of a turn-off for you. I’ll be the first one to say that I’m not a super girly girl. But stay with me! There’s a huge difference between being feminine and being a girly girl. Every woman likes to feel pretty. It’s in our nature ladies. Maybe we feel pretty at different times, in different situations, and wearing different things. But you love feeling pretty. Don’t lie. 

Maybe wearing a poofy skirt is completely out of your comfort zone. Who cares! Break that mold you’ve made for yourself. Dress up! Look pretty!

Here are a few ways to wear a poofy skirt:


1. Floral and Fitted

If you opt for a floral skirt, try a fitted and simple jacket or blazer on top. The floral is feminine and fun but the blazer keeps it sophisticated.



SheInside Floral Skirt 

Top Shop Black Blazer 

Top Shop Teal Tank Top

Nude Wedge


2. Black

Try pairing your poofy skirt with an all black base. The black is slimming, timeless, and will give your fun skirt center stage.



Chic Wish Pink Skirt

Black Tights 

Dorothy Perkins Black Long Sleeve T


3. Nerdy Color Blocking

Got that nerdy vibe? Try color blocking a bold skirt with a complementary color on top. Pair it with some oxfords and a button up and your nerdy chic look is complete.



ChicNova Blue Skirt

Mango Orange Cardigan

Modcloth Oxford



4. Preppy and Simple

If you like prints, opt for a simple and fitted top. Got a fresh white T? Throw that on with some statement jewelry and you are good to go.



Navy Striped Skirt


White T


Modcloth Flats



5. Poofy Edge

All that too girly for you? Well try a black skirt with a T shirt. Through in a splash of color with a belt or some personal accessories.



Black Skirt 


Top Shop T Shirt  

Red Belt 


Wedge Bootie